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  1. Good Scouts Borba Filho Gilmar Francisco Ayres Morais de albuquerque
  2. Hi, I'm geting a lot of goals from corners, any idea for tweak or make any adjustment ? thanks anyway, your tactic is great
  3. FM12: Juventus FC - Welcome Home

    Arturo Vidal Screenshot please ?
  4. FM12: F.C. Barcelona – Més que un club

    Alexis Sanchez Screenshot please ?
  5. BEST FM 11 TACTIC SO FAR !! KEYS: finding the striker, examples ( carlos vela , kadlec , hulk , abel hernandez ) not target strikers -left central midifielder : i used buonanotte or jadson , but it has to be someone with finishing and some passing , or retrain an AMC to that position -right central midfielder: someone with high passing, creativity, decisions and long shots, also a retrained AMC could be good, doesn't necesary have to be a great defender, it's not that important - Wingers: really important that must be able to finish, at least 12, 13 or more if possible - AND opossite instructions for opossite wingers are key to mantain a solid defence, because far post crossing are deadly Hope that could help you
  6. hi, this tactic works great for me and i want to share a few point to make this sucessfull from the begining to you guys -One thing is the importance of the striker in this tactic, I'm playing with Paris Saint-Germain and i had guillaume hoarau as my striker wich has been massive in past versions of the game for me, he's good now too, but he is a target striker and doesn't fit the tactic, wich make me struggle a lot even with smaller clubs -So i sold him and i've got carlos vela and guillherme from dinamo kiev, which have been incredible for me now, specially vela, scoring for fun, in 30 games he has 45 goals and is incredible how different my team play now, it's just like watching barcelona play, it's amazing -Another good strikers that would fit this tactic are: kleber from palmeiras, leigh griffths and kadlec, wich also are amazing, Also one thing that is important are the Opposition Instructions : - Tight Marking & Closing Down : Always to Wingers (LM, RM, AML, AMR) and Attacking Midfielders (AMC) this is important, even with smaller clubs, the most goals that you can receive from teams are from crossing to the second post, so tight marking to the wingers are the key to mantain your defense solid. -Also the central midfielders ( left and right ) doesn't have to be "defensive players" necesary, I play with jadson on the right and buonanotte on the left and they amazing, and the team doesn't feel unbalanced at all, the defensive midfielder is a key position, Anthony Annan or Ogjen Vukojevic are great and cheap and you can get them for no more than 3m I just wanted to share my experience, thanks !!
  7. Edin Dzeko for free for my Paris Saint Germain, F...ing goalscoring machine, 52 games 69 goals i won champions league with him Also Rene Adler from Bayer Leverkusen, a wall on my defence, always get a 7.3 average every game, a must get player, expensive but worth it
  8. GREAT TACTIC !! the best i've used so far, since i used it with my paris saint germain during the season i've won 13 games in a row !! no **** the only tweak that i made was puting the wingers , as defensive wingers, nothing else, because i was getting too many shots from the opposite team, and since that the team is so balanced , scoring every game and creating lots of opportunities give it a shot, after a few games even during the season you will get results if you have the right players
  9. FM 09 Best Partnerships Thread

    Mauro Zarate as Target Striker and Bojan as Fast Striker Zarate in the last season: 47 app, 35 goals, 12 assist Bojan in the last season: 41 app, 33 goals, 21 assist I put M. Zarate as TS only because he has decent heading, but actually both are FS , wich is what I want
  10. Your Best Transfer Dealings

    Bojan free to my celtic in the second season, amazing signing Toni Kroos $ 2.7M to my celtic in the second season, then sold him to Man City for $ 95 M, i'm still in shock Mascherano for $11 M to my barcelona in the second season, the best DM in da game
  11. FM 2009 : Official FC Barcelona Thread

    upload the best tactic !!
  12. Which Player did you 'Discover'?

    MATIAS FERNANDEZ, and why ? because I was his neighboor in santiago, once I play with him he was really good
  13. Matias fernandez

    hey, i don't know about you guys, but I've never watch him play soccer And it's one of the best footballers in the world according to Football Manager, no doubt about that for anyone who has seen him play , Is really that good ??