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  1. I play with germany and Marco Reus has three, sometimes four stars depending on his shape but if I want to use him in his main positions and favourite roles (AML or AMC as inside forward or advanced playmaker) he has only 0,5 stars. That has to be a bug, otherwise he would have been dramatically underrated and I guess this wouldn't make any sense. Besides, if I view his profile, he has a way better rating, as I mentioned before.
  2. If I look at the reputation of the leagues, the USL2 seems to count as two different leagues and one of them has a bigger repuation than the USLC. Why is that and can you fix it?
  3. I'm sorry if someone already asked this but what about New York Cosmos? Will they play in NISA as they are supposed to do in real life? Edit: Nevermind, I already saw that it is part of the league although it's sad that they don't have any real players.
  4. Claassen does not add players to the database, does he? Because the japanese players like Podolski or Iniesta are not in the database as far as I know and that would not change only because there was a japanese league system.
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