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  1. Thanks. I'll try the demo. It's probably my best bet...until the next company upgrade And as for crashing... I save after every match anyways as the number of things I have working on my comp at the same time....
  2. Do you have children? :)))))))) The only game is FM I play so not sure I want to pay 1000 pounds just for fm.
  3. So it's fair to assume that the if the demo works the game will work (as we only fail on graphics card..... (Intel UHD Graphics 620))?
  4. I have been playing FM since the beginning. I have experienced promotion to the premier with the old men Barnes adn Beardsley pulling the string of my Brighton team. Nicky Rust has won a champions league medal. Last year Deese Kasinga-Madia took Bognor Regis to the premier league! I've done it all. I was even a beta tester for two years! And now all of that nearly 30 years of playing is gone because FM has outgrown me and my computers. For much of the last twenty years FM has sat on my work computer. Whenever I needed a break, was in another boring meeting online and wanted some pick me up FM was there for me. And my computers have upgraded with my job. Currently I have an HP Bang and Olufsen, A bloody expensive office computer.... and for the first time FM doesn't work. Fm 20 works like a dream but Fm21..... there be dragons. All suitability checks fail on the video cards. But this is an expensive top of the range work computer! We are FMs life blood. We love data!!! I've been trying to find a way round for three months but no... Now I have to admit defeat. I cannot believe that after 30 years i am out of the FM universe. I will continue with Fm 20 until the taste fades into memory. I understand the need... I am a business man too but for the first time I suspect that those of us who've stuck by you are being left behind.
  5. It begins halfway through the season - Asarums are 10th and I promised a play-off spot. More than half a season to go and ten points off the play offs...
  6. Only want to consider England at the end so not including rest of UK Changing list to (based on lowest playable rankings) Group 1 - Finland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey after one title: Group 2: Slovenia, Poland, Israel, Norway, (each time taking out same number from list) after another title Group 3: Ukraine, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Belgium after another title: Group 4: Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Czech, Croatia, Austria After another title: Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, England, I'll let you know how I get on.
  7. Going to do this with Brighton on the new season update as it seems closet to Potterball
  8. Jan - haven't seen the second bug yet but Ill look out for it. What is now turning into an issue though is the fact that the CA doesn't seem to improve between level 10 and 7. After being competitive (winning the title) but having to work in Level 10 my team in season 2 is absolutely creaming everyone. Ive won every game in every competition til the end of October including knocking out a level 7 team (Farsley) 4-1 away. As soon as I go on holiday ( I tested this) I start to lose or draw so I suppose some of it is due to team choice and tactics but still its shouldnt be this easy. Thinking Ill probably have tow rite off the next season or two until Vanarama.
  9. Thought people may be interested in my progress (don't expect too regular updates as I can't play that much): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443854-Kemptown-Rangers-sing-that-song!
  10. Don't get that much time to play but let's keep posted...see how we get on .. btw just lost my first game....outplayed Steyning and then got hit by a sucker punch
  11. Playing a forward-free tactic and unbeaten in the league after ten games but out of two cups already - Bloody Little Common my nemesis.
  12. Agree... finally started my Kemptown Rangers career in Southern Counties Combined 1 and have four cups to deals with. Already my squad is pretty stretched.
  13. Have I understood from 'league cups" you mean Fa vase and Fa trophy but not county cups?
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