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  1. It begins halfway through the season - Asarums are 10th and I promised a play-off spot. More than half a season to go and ten points off the play offs...
  2. Only want to consider England at the end so not including rest of UK Changing list to (based on lowest playable rankings) Group 1 - Finland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey after one title: Group 2: Slovenia, Poland, Israel, Norway, (each time taking out same number from list) after another title Group 3: Ukraine, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Belgium after another title: Group 4: Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Czech, Croatia, Austria After another title: Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, England, I'll let you know how I get on.
  3. Going to do this with Brighton on the new season update as it seems closet to Potterball
  4. I can't find a skin with both. Can anyone help?
  5. Seems fm-base has gone offline. anyone know anything?
  6. Staines I did with 15... low league databases are goo but what you can do is create your own low league team. I started with Kemptown Rangers at L10 and took them to the premiership in 15 seasons...... literally built them from scratch.
  7. Start as low as you can with the lowest of the low and work your way up... preferably with ex-league team like Gainsborough Trinity. Even better, asap download a mod that starts you even lower for example try and bring back the glory days of Glossop North End
  8. France - FC Sete - French powerhouse before the war with two titles and runner up (now C lig) Italy - Pro Vercelli - 7 times Serie A winner now second league Turkey - Altay Izmir - before the leagues one of the strongest teams in Turkey (pre-1958) now 3rd league Greece - Aris Salonika - 3 times winner 3 times runner up now Greek National C
  9. Have been playing the game since the first and have never been disappointed. Ordered today with my 20% discount and don't take care about the changes. It's always been better. Why distrust someone who has constantly repaid your trust?
  10. Jan - haven't seen the second bug yet but Ill look out for it. What is now turning into an issue though is the fact that the CA doesn't seem to improve between level 10 and 7. After being competitive (winning the title) but having to work in Level 10 my team in season 2 is absolutely creaming everyone. Ive won every game in every competition til the end of October including knocking out a level 7 team (Farsley) 4-1 away. As soon as I go on holiday ( I tested this) I start to lose or draw so I suppose some of it is due to team choice and tactics but still its shouldnt be this easy. Thinking Ill probably have tow rite off the next season or two until Vanarama.
  11. END OF SEASON 1 - Taken from the Argus 16th May 2016: END OF SEASON REPORT: SUSSEX TEAM PART 8: KEMPTOWN RANGERS After a bumpy start to their first ever season Kemptown Rangers pretty much matched their expectations and, in the final three months, did it with something of a swagger. The key was certainly a change from a non-stroker formation to a four man attacking line-up. Suddnly the goals wouldn't stop coming. Even losing top scorer Brooks for the last moth didn't seem to stop them. So, job dope. Yet the transfer embargo will continue for at least another season as Ashley Raw attempts to make the club self-sustaining and expectations are still sky high..... Ranger already installed as 2-5 favourites for the Southern Combination Premier. GK has it all to do.... agin. SUMMARY: Objectives met with a team really beginning to gel. However, can the same team do it a division above?
  12. Thought people may be interested in my progress (don't expect too regular updates as I can't play that much): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/443854-Kemptown-Rangers-sing-that-song!
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