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  1. I do not expect overhaul and pixel copying and new ui coloring. For 50-60 Euros each year I expect that they listen to the community very closely and try to realise way more new features/ideas provided. But if you are happy to pay again the full price, go ahead.
  2. It was just an example that I exaggerated. Of course, when I play the coach from the sideline and can praise a player, than I might also be able to tell that player to stay wide and nothing else. And usually that player will follow my order.
  3. Tactical changes in a game like Player Manager back on the Amiga somewhere during the 80's had an impact you could really see. I cannot tell the right wing to stay right and never move in the middle or the attacker to always stay with the last defender in line. With Player Manager almost anything had a direct impact. As with music today, most good new songs copy the old stuff. https://gamesnostalgia.com/en/game/player-manager#screenshots
  4. I am a player from the earliest days of FM, all the way back to Championship Manager 1991 to legendary 2001/2002 and played the FMs starting from I think 2012 onwards. I skipped a few version but did spend money on FM 2016/ FM 2017 and FM 2018. I wanna keep it really short this time having watched your twitch video, not all 4 hours but crunched to about an hour. Honestly it is only naughty to an extend I cannot explain any more, that you want to charge 50-60 Euros for this, lets call it SMALL UPDATE. You should release an Update Version or Plan (Renewal) for not more than 10-20 Euros. I am fine with players buying the game for the first time, or if their current version is like more than 3 years old, but this here holds almost NO TRULY NEW FEATURES, NO MAJOR OVERHAUL - a pity. Sorry Guys I am only disappointed.
  5. Rather old thread but found it searching via Google for I have this issue NOW the very fist time in I think 10 years playing FM and just started playing FM 2018. Dev Team , simply rename the save file to savegame1 or savegamebackup and than save the new file. I do not know where there is big programming involved. But I do see how someone can turn blinded staring at the screen programming... XD
  6. I am one of the managers that likes to see the lads actually performing on the pitch. Oftenly during a game I switch around to check on player stats of opposite team or make adjustments for players training for suddenly I have an idea etc. It would be great if FM 2019/2020 would be multiwindows supported, so the game could be played in one windows, whilst I check my staff or team or any stats during the match in another window. Wow, I would love this!!! What do you think?
  7. Hi, guess that has already been suggested and talked through many times, BUT I certainly do not understand, how a company that is trying to earn money, can leave out this feature, whilst bringing an update year by year. I do not have the time toplay FM daily for hours anymore, job and family etc., but would love to pay for the new version yearly, BUT NOT if I lose my savegame. Pretty sure due to the fact, that FM is somewhat an "old" game, there is many folks like me out there, that skip 2-3 versions because of the savegame import missing. If it is for instance because of the fact that you put new functions/features to players, well than import the database and fill in the blanks with some random numbers, fine with me. Regards, Mo
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