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  1. Hahahaha,nevermind, How terrible could a FM Mod be? There`s no language problem here, i mention it before because this mod used to installed with Chinese players name translation file But yesterday i solve it and its englishalbe now so no more language problem thanks guys,hope you enjoy it And very surprisely you could find my mod in steam`s homepage gimme thumb ,love ya~
  2. Download it on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1220854384 Thank you for your advice.loveya,i will keep doing this~~ NEW PLAYERS TEAMS LEAGUES AND CUPS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON FOR 5 YEARS! MORE THAN 166K DATABASE CHANGES! SO WELCOME. I ASURE YOU, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE THIS IS THE MOD ABOUT MY EXCITING FOOTBALL MANAGER WORLD AND REALLY GLAD YOU CAME ^v^ [/h1]=========This MOD`s stage is on England Plesae play this MOD in England=======[h1] [h1] How to use this file [/h1] Step 1: Start a new career Step 2: Select this mod Step 3: Choose any nations you like but you must select England for it to work Step 4: Create your manager Step 5: Start the game and have fun ====================================== [/h1]What is this MOD?[h1] + New teams (20+ or 30+) + New players (too many to count) + Bigger, interesting league! + More Cups (that include famous real life teams) + 10.9k database changes (its really big for me,I have been making it since FM14) + All players and teams have backstories + Every new player has their own photos (I will update these) + My name in the game is Cao Qi, you are welcome to sign me hahahaha ================================================ [/h1]Why pick this MOD?[h1] + More than 166K database changes made over 5 years + Bigger Leagues (Damn yeah!) + Original Players and Club + Advantage Rules write by:me + More Cups (that include all the best clubs in the world) + Play with freaking dangerous Chinese teams in the same league! + I will conmstantly be updating Come on foreign Fm'ers... Subscribe to me so I could be very proud [/h1]future update plan coming soon: [h1] -financing and capa balance -Asain competition structure -Original avatar update -more accurate ability data to write [/h1]Thank to Jorah The Explorer for his translation[h1] Update Dairy: 2017-12-10 +Fix:Yellow cards problem +More accurate ability data +Financing and capa balance +League award fix
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