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  1. TFF we are waiting for you next gem in fm21 :-) Greetings from Greece !
  2. Cerber and Ash worked but not the way older tacts did . I am getting mixed results with both of them !!!! Keep up TFF
  3. Agree . I really love strong AMC Tact's reminded me the good old fm's .
  4. TFF You are awesome ! Thanks ! Keep up the good work ! I use the punisher for now !
  5. I am glad and really happy to see you back ! Have a Healthy and a Happy Year for you and your Family . I will test them right now in Lens hehehehe
  6. i have fixed it and nothing happened
  7. I have a problem. My kits and badges are working fine but face packs are not working at all. Ive deleted the facepack file and put it back in do the preferences stuff in game and it still wont work can someone please help me ? I have followd all the instructions as every year (rload skin checked , cache unchecked ) . here some pics. https://pasteboard.co/I2FT632.png https://pasteboard.co/I2FTksX.png https://pasteboard.co/I2FTv4W.png https://pasteboard.co/I2FW8Ja.png https://pasteboard.co/I2G3a5M.png
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