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  1. Hi, You repair the trait list for a last update but know the actually update get back the interface without traits list.
  2. Hi, 1,Why you delate player traits from FM touch. Now I see when he learned it but i can,t check the traits list? 2.Why you delete the button on the screen before match where I can give individual tasks for my opponents players like play weaker foot, pressing, agressive tackle etc?
  3. So far long time i will waiting and Sports Interavtive does not know what is the issue?
  4. @SephDarkheart I always saves my games local I never used cloud. But where in preferences can I "log out of cross save"?
  5. Yes I play on PC. My store is still empty( I don,t have purchased item an I don,t see items that I should be able to buy).
  6. Hi My in game DLC shop in FM touch 2018 does not work, I can not see anything there, it is empty. I bought In steam store DLC "Attribute masking" and i can not launch it, I do not see it in game. I am attached a few print screen. You can see that i bought DLC "attribute masking" and it is installed but in game ther is nothing. Please help us because I know that the same problem have many other peoples. Thanks.
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