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  1. No, I'm Finnish. But some 25 years ago I studied Basque language for a while and the username comes from there.
  2. I suppose you have checked that there isn't more than one set of rules Your rules mode is probably wrong. Change the Spanish U19 Division 1 rules mode to 'Overrides Rules in Code' or 'Edited Rules (Overrides All Original Rules)' and check if that helps. That helped at least me.
  3. Couple of simple (?) questions: 1) Is it possible to schedule two matches in one stadium same day? I'm trying to schedule Finnish Region's cup final and Finnish cup final for same date and stadium, but the game always puts the Region's cup for previous day. IRL they are played 12.00 and 17.00 in the same stadium. Not a big problem but... EDIT: I did it again exactly like described below and now it works fine. I must have misclicked something at first try. 2) I am trying to add Finnish cup qualifying rounds to the game. The idea is that in the group stage there are 30 teams: 12 previous season league teams, 10 previous season first division teams and 8 qualified teams. I have added 'Real life teams' so the first season runs ok. But for the second season the game doesn't find first division teams. What I have done: In the league I put Stages-League settings-League fate actions-Qualify team for competition (Using positions),Finnish cup,0,11,Hidden (0 and 11 are top and bottom positions). The first division is exactly same but the positions are 0 and 9. And in the Finnish cup is Stages-Teams- Get qualified teams for comp and Get best teams in competition, Finnish cup qualifying... For some reason it doesn't find first division teams. What am I doing wrong? And it must be previous seasons teams so I can't use Get all teams from division.
  4. How can I (successfully) create Finnish youth league system? This is what I want: Preseason league qualification: Two groups of ten teams. Top 4 from each group will qualify for the league, 5th and 6th will play playoffs against other groups 5th and 6th team (one game and winners go to the league and losers to the 1st division) and bottom 4 teams will also go to 1st division. So 10 teams will qualify for the league and 10 teams for the first division. League: 10 teams will play 2 rounds and all the teams will qualify to next season league qualification. First division: 10 teams from the league qualification and other ten teams are divided into two groups of ten teams and will play 2 rounds. Top 5 from each group will qualify for next season league qualification and bottom two will relegate to the 2nd division. (Actually this division is played in two stages (spring and autumn), but at the moment it isn't important.) Second division: 4 groups of ten teams and the winners will promote to the first division. I got the qualification and the league working, but 1st and 2nd division didn't start. It just said "competition will start on 27 of april 2017" or something like that, but they didn't start. I tried to start them later but it didn't help. Qualification and the league were under one rules and the divisions had separate rules. In the vanilla game qualification, league and 1st division are under one rules. There isn't 2nd division and the 1st division has only 10 teams who didn't qualify for the league. Would it be possible to make all these competitions under one rules or should I try to make separate rules for every competition? Or maybe qualification, league and 1st division under one rules, since there isn't promotions/relegations between them and separate rules for the second division?
  5. Hi, I'm using the pre-game editor for the first time because I want to make Finnish lower leagues playable. Anyway, now (before I even start) I have couple of questions about contracts: 1) When I'm editing competitions, there is a section called "contract types". Are these maximum contracts? So, for example, if I set it to "part time" for key players, teams can't offer full time contracts to their key players in that division? What if I leave those blanks? 2) Team I want to manage is semi-professional team, but it has couple of full time players in game (like in real life). But in game I can't offer them new full time contracts before my team is professional. Is it possible to edit the game so that semi-professional teams can offer full time contracts to their key players and staff without having to edit every team separately? I know in some countrys it's against the rules that semi-professional/amateur clubs sign full time contracts, but here in Finland it's quite common.
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