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  1. It worked until now but I'll give it a try after some upgrades to the graphics card. Are you aware of any issue related to this?
  2. Hi, I'm having a strange error on FM2018. When I try to save the game simply shuts down. I don't get any error saying the application stopped working it just simply shuts down. I'm playing with two screens I don't know if that may be an issue. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, Since there's still sometime until the FM19 arrives will be any data update to FM18? I think this is something that SI could think about. Even if it only add the transfers and a few CA/PA updates
  4. - More training options - Simplify the GUI for set pieces
  5. It seems the problem was solved by a graphics driver update
  6. I did already done that before and I even changed FM from one disk to another just to be sure. Anyway I did it again and same problem happen. I also have removed all custom graphics
  7. Did that now and still have same problem. I did also validated the antivirus (it is bitdefender and I added an exception to FM) and if there is any overclock. Any other idea?
  8. After that happen I cannot play even other games without restarting. I can play rocket league without problems but after this happens, in fm, i get the following error when starting other games Hope it helps
  9. Yes. I tried to change to a physical location and then in the "cloud" option. Same thing happen
  10. Sometimes when I try to save a game the game blocks and enters the process enters a "not responding" status. When I terminate the task and start the game again the processor goest to 100% so I have to restart. After restarting I see that there is a save game that cannot be loaded with the name I defined with " (new) "
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