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  1. https://www.zerozero.pt/player.php?id=30917&epoca_id=116&redirm=1 Former clubs not in game
  2. Eduard Poustka as physio for the Czech National Team, which he is not in FM.
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.nl/yhojan-diaz/profil/spieler/471775 Diaz is on loan at Teplice but he has a contract according to transfermarkt. According to transfermarkt his favorite position is striker, on FM he is not even capable of playing as a striker. FK Teplice mentions that Diaz can play as striker too. Hope you will take a look at this player.
  4. Raily Ignacio plays for AFC (Tweede Divisie) and not for Kozakken Boys.
  5. There is a new driver update available (4 October). Can I download this update without problems? Should I download it?
  6. Yes it did work. I needed to download the april version of windows 10
  7. I can not download the March drivers. The drivers can not find compatible graphic hardware.
  8. And furtermore, when I have downloaded the March version drivers. How do I know when and if I can download a new update of drivers?
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