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  1. While playing a match i've encountered a random crash. Crash dump file included. What should I do? FM 2020 v20.0.1.1303377 (2019.11.01 14.21.54).dmp
  2. There is a new driver update available (4 October). Can I download this update without problems? Should I download it?
  3. Yes it did work. I needed to download the april version of windows 10
  4. I can not download the March drivers. The drivers can not find compatible graphic hardware.
  5. And furtermore, when I have downloaded the March version drivers. How do I know when and if I can download a new update of drivers?
  6. I have done that about two weeks ago. I downloaded the newest Nvidia. Should i download the March version instead?
  7. Just happened again while doing nothing: game was just on start screen for a while and suddenly i got the message that FM has stopped working.
  8. Everything is up to date. I played Assasians Creed Revolutions very shortly but it did not crash.
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