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  1. blue 101

    Stadium building

    but by having control. you can make your clubs stadium look more like it does in real life. at present the game can't replicate it because of licensing laws and just because you have the option doesn't mean you have too take advantage of it. leave it up to the board.
  2. always nice to have something else to monitor, I've always thought if a player wanted to talk to me id deal with it personally and would rarely ask someone else too. also I prefer the challenge of the convo. keeps it fresh
  3. too be honest I've never created my own club never appealed, the whole premise seems kind of floored to me, but if that brings someone fun then go for it. the interface elements of club growth are a little jagged in my opinion, the reasoning seems floored in some cases. however I accept why it works in that way.
  4. point well made, surely you can see the logic issues which come across as floored in such a scenario. Where fan base is presented as an issue, but when all things considered in such a world that particular obstacle is unlikely too be a issue. I'm pretty sure there is a German club thats gone from league 3 to bundas league and is in the europa league now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TSG_1899_Hoffenheim & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RB_Leipzig there second in the league founded in 2008 ! but yes for the most part I ceed the point this is very unusual so can see how such a situation would give rise to unpredictable issues. good point !
  5. blue 101


    love the idea of fan chants being heard boos if performing badly "your not fit to wear the shirt" or seeing players give there jerseys out to the crowd
  6. I've noticed on set piece's player set piece duties are determined by the position not by who they are. the problem here is I have a holding midfielder who is great in the air and another who has a wicked long shot, for obvious reasons I want them doing different things at set pieces. however I rarely play them both together, its one or the other. this means every time I sub my player who's great in the air. I need to then manually change what is happening at corners as if I don't my sub who has the good long shot is competing for the ball. if there was a engine or mechanic which meant you could set up set piece roles for players not positions it would enhance the interface and your tactical control greatly !
  7. blue 101

    Stadium building

    great idea a different tracking system for facilities would be great. at present its hard to tell if your facilities are as good as they can be ! the stadium idea is great too
  8. I have a different Brexit option, however part of my strategy focuses on youth development so I loan out a lot. in my experience the majority of offers are from abroad, presumably because the league standard is lower ergo said players better match the league level than they do higher British leagues. however they may be a restriction on loans for lower leagues and nationality may come into that, check the league rules tap under work permits and loans. it could be that there eligible for you but not the lower league team. personally I have lots of issues with work permits, for the youth prospects I pick up from Brazil and Argentina. however, I loan them to Spanish clubs as it takes 730 days to gain nationality ergo easier work permit application even in a post Brexit world, I've got world class players really cheaply and effetely doing this. one way you could avoid your problem if there is a restriction for lower leagues is to develop an official partnership then loaning them to affiliates may avoid some of the paper work. I have affiliates in Spain for this reason, and if a Spanish club doesn't want to loan I can then just send him to an affiliate anyway.
  9. I had a similar thing, didn't go as far as to be recognised as a player promise though, everyone seemed happy when I said its time for young players to develop, does it show on your player promises tab as a active promise ?. I'm guessing its about "younger" 18-21 year olds you alluded to developing, however I could be wrong. the definition of young players is somewhat hazy ! getting a senior player to intervene seems to always work, I'm stopped using it as it makes the game play to easy mechanical as I've never seen this feature fail to work
  10. well the solution could be to give players the option to change the appearance of the stadiums, ergo we could make them look however we like and if thats just like the real thing its nothing to do with Sega
  11. at least most of them are complete stamford bridge etc ow well ill stop being picky
  12. cheers pal I imagine such an agreement would be very expensive ! shame would make the game awesome really enhance the immersion
  13. I'm keen on youth development so I've established a really good academy, producing world class potential players frequently. I've also got loads of feeder clubs of the option "can we establish a feeder club giving us the chance to recruit foreign youngsters" and a few 'we should establish a link with a club giving us first option on players from a successful youth system as part development strategy I've been trying to get a Brazilian club. however this has failed frequently, I've approached low level Brazilian clubs failed, on both foreign youngster and successful youth system options. interestingly when I've approached high league teams I've received the following message "we had agreement in principle with club X, however the board have vetoed it as it as it isn't in the best interest of the club' never seen that message before, I'm guess this message relates to the club in question having a too high a reputation, or mine being too low?. however I looked at the reputation of the clubs in question and they have a lower rep than some of my existing affiliates see Estudiantes ! sometimes when I've approached a high rep Brazilian team I've just got the message "we couldn't form an agreement" I've experimented with understanding 'we had an agreement in principle" message I've since received that message with other high rep teams "dinamo" in Croatia. however the common denominator here is the fact the clubs I can't get a link with are Brazilian but why ? To try and understand the mechanics a bit more I looked at the affiliates of the Brazilian teams and they do have agreements however in every case the parent club is Portuguese and the link pre-dates the start of game "2014" and is a financial link. my club won't allow me to create a financial link, every time I ask they tell me to do one. so does anyone have a Brazilian feeder club, and if so how did you get the link, was it financial and did you then ask the board to change the agreement ? and has anyone had similar problems in trying to get a Brazilian feeder? I'm beginning to wonder if its possible. I'm getting the concerning feeling that I'm not playing the game but rather its playing me.
  14. thanks for the insight I was thinking it would be something like that, but hearing it doesn't make it any better do you know why the new white heart lane has gapes between the stands ? it doesn't look like how it will in real life ?
  15. they have about 5 -6 to my knowledge in my save maybe its a academy thing maybe there head of youth development keeps bringing in really good defenders, through there academy ? sign him up maybe ? or are they just signing them
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