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  1. Hey all, just to let you all know that. The FM19 file dan done works fine (few little tweak Whitch you can do your self) works fine. I’m on my 10th season and no problem
  2. Had to put bury back in (gave them a 3 year transfer ban). Had to add a few teams into some lower leagues (got them from lower league division). u23 division was not working so I added ramdom teams (again from lower league). i did a 4 season holiday save no problems....... except the first season the caraboo cup have no fixtures (only for the first season). other wise as of now the file works. it took me an hour maybe two to do what I did.
  3. I know there will be problems. But will save you 6 months. But I respect the way u want to do it. Thanks again
  4. Hello all. Just to let you know. That the file that dan done for FM19 works on FM29 yipeee. Ye you need to change a few things (easy enough to do your self). I have not done a season yet. if IF this file works why not use it. Save you time and you can enjoy the game. anyhows I’ll be using this file 🙏 work with no major problems. Hope you all are keeping well 👍
  5. I’m hoping this file will work. If it dose (a few teams will need to be added/removed and a few tweaks) then I’ll use this file we will see in a few months. But dan thanks for doing this thanks again
  6. Hey dan.... again lol. What cups are they for level 16/17? Or just level 17?
  7. Hey dan thanks again. How low are you going? Are u going down to 20?
  8. Ye I did it befor through editor, but I can’t remember how
  9. Hi thanks again. I had no idea u could do that haha. Played FM since the start there a lot I don’t know haha. Eite I tried it but not all players came up e.g Rashford (not getting him but example). Only 23 players showed up only one at united shity Pogba lol. But I will try other ways. Thanks
  10. I didn’t think off that one I’ll try that now thanks. I did it on editor I’d prefer that way but if your way work then that’s great thanks
  11. Hey all, a few years ago I managed to fined every Man Utd player that was currently in the game (still playing in game). Now for the live of me I can’t remember how I did it? I want to make a new team in level 22 with ex Man Utd players (ex youth players that had promise but played low level e.g Phil marsh k.strikland and m.lea for example). I remember when I did it, ot took ages to load cos there was like 100s of still active players. can anybody help me please. thanks 😊
  12. Ye I thought there was something missing lol. I took some divisions off and added local welsh leagues only two bottom two. To make my own make shift level 22 and thought there was cups not in it like normal. Are you adding them or is it finished how it is? thanks again dan (sir) 😂👍
  13. Dan your a legend. We should Knight you. Sir dan (what ever your surname is haha). Just outa curiosity you can buy a knight hood, just thought I’d share that info. but seriously dan thank you
  14. Don’t listen to the twit dan, we all appreciate what u do, even me, even when I’m a little inpatient I’m just excited to play it. can I just ask how low are u going? Are going to release level 14 soon? Sorry to ask again 😊. thanks again 🙏🙌👍
  15. I see your point, I think if the file would work it would work. But anyway like I said I see your point. Have you decided how low down u are going?
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