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  1. Ow ye for got bout the new leagues lol, well looking forward to it and thanks again. At least they (inthery) will be easier than the leagues. I have a ruff idea in my head when I recon it’ll be ready but I’ll keep that to my self I case I’m wrong or (rite) and if it not ready people may start saying we’re is it lol. We all appreciate what you are doing I know I keep saying it but we do. THANk YOU
  2. How many you gotta do? For some reason I got 52 in my head lol?
  3. Hey mate think dan spent enough time on this database you can’t espect him to do that to lol, there plenty ov cup in lower level. You can even do them your self (I am I add a cup winners cup fa cup winners from 32 leagues and a mini champ league for welsh teams hard to explain that one haha)
  4. Hi mate up to what level are cups not done upto? If it only a few leagues maybe give it a miss so u have fin it then. Maybe put them in for FM19?
  5. Haha your rite bout the enter bit lol sorry. I don’t like have lots ov save just want one long game. Hate getting a player then he gose after 3 games then you get him agen then he gose then comes back lol. that why I want certain players. But we all have our way off playing FM
  6. Hi all. Thought whiles were are patiently waiting I thought why not distract ourselves haha, and ask how are you playing FM. Meaning for example I’m talking to my self in my head (a fantasy world lol). My story is 5 years ago I won £130 million on the lotto. After 5 years of enjoying life and investment I made an extra £30 million 😂. So with that I bought too places one for a stadium 5k capacity 1.400 seating with room to eventually expand to over 200k (I can dream) and the other land is for training for youth and resurves but only have basic facilities (in editor everything is on 1). Club has no money wanna be fair lol. But this is were you lot will say I’m cheating but it’s the way I want to play in lol. I signed about 40 players all on player/coaches so thy stay the whole time. Players like Phil marsh Michael lea etc ex United players how are not very good and the old Wrexham players Simon spender and the Williams brothers. I have 4 phasers to playing the game. 1 sign no players for 10/15 seasons. 2. After 10/15 season use only youth/reserve players for 5 seasons 3. After around 20 seasons hopefully I’ll be semi pro by then if I am I’ll start getting good players staying in bouget 4. After 25/30 seasons hope I’ll be in conference round that time. I’ll have more chance to do that in FM19. Well that my way of playing fm. Any spelling mistakes sorry lol.
  7. Guys come on. No fighting or dan may decide not to release it!!!!! (Don’t listen to me dan 😂😂🙏😂) pmsl
  8. Ye me lol. I’ll be honest I never new what work was needed into this file iv done editor files in the past but nothing compared to dan. Haven’t played FM since end of may god do miss it lol. Well apart from the 1st season the the file didn’t work 😭😂
  9. To be fair I don’t think I can wait s couple of weeks if that the case I’ll wait till FM19 lol. And to be fair to dan he did say he was away for a few days so it probably would be ready now. In not botherd with the transfer update that has no affect with the way I’ll be playing FM (until the new FM)
  10. And the abuse starts 😂. Last 4 levels will be easy only 1 División in them. Hey we waited 2 weeks I’m sure we can wait a little longer! 🤤🤤 lol
  11. Haha. Not to get ya hopes up but it could be out before then 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
  12. I see I’m sure it’ll be out anything me now. Same here I’m all excited waiting lol. I’d wait it’ll be worth it. Only thing I hope that don’t happen it a problem later on it the game sometimes they happen with editor files aye 😂
  13. That file does not work on FM18 that why were waiting for this one, i started a save and end of season it goes off iv tryed different ways and dan has no point starting save. This file should work on FM19 when that comes out (will need to tweak a few things) I’m hopeful it’ll be out later today but only dan knows when