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  1. There is away. The players you want make them players/coaches or scouts etc. Give them 30/40 year contacts thy stay.
  2. Ye patience I will have (unlike last year haha). Just thought that would work and save dan time but, will wait 😊 thank you dan again for this
  3. Hey all why couldn’t we all (people who can) help dan and maybe do a few leagues I.e person 1 dose level 12-14 person 2 15-7 for example and help dan. as well all know it such a huge file Then dan can merge them together just a thought
  4. I go full level 22 small database. I don’t matter what level u use you prob start a season on 12,000 players, then 5 years later you’ll have round 30,000 players or more in the game. I only use English full level 22 and have all the leagues on background (I like to look at the teams in others leagues)
  5. Hi. What bout the non league paper I get that from time to time football.mito has midd Sussex levels maybe on that could see the above levels. I’ll try and have alook
  6. Can’t yet game not out lol. The last 3 years Iv use the same (this year an exepsion at the mo) file. Ok needed to change a few things (I’m fine with that) the leagues I need to change don’t affect the leagues i play in with teams I mean. If the file dose work it won’t be the same as real life with promotion and relagasion. It will be like last season. End of the day we will find out next week. Again if the file works and/or I can do what needs doing I’ll do a a 4/5 year test save will take a day. Hopefully it will work. Gota say I’m liking FM19 👍
  7. The file will work. Don’t need to change comp dates it don’t it self automatically. Ye some teams won’t be in game just add teams from lower leagues that are not in English leagues (there 100s) (or in my case I add welsh teams) some leagues will probably need removing a little tweak here a little tweak there. I did it last too years it worked. Except for end of season with the file last year. Even had the same problem when you redid the file with end off season. Like the carabo cup it wasn’t called the two three seasons ago and when I use the file it changed automatically. All I do is verify and change what needs changing (unless that end off season thing happens agen then that a little advance for me lol)
  8. True. If you remember when you did it from scratch there were still the same problems. Then we all looked into it with the saves we had then we found a few probs which were corrected. I can’t remember what it was it in the FM18 chat thingy. Any file will work for any fm. I used a fm15 file on fm18 (I needed to change a few things here and there lol). The only thing that changes with each fm is the leagues the coding is still the same. You could start the file no with what you got and I know it will work. It worked with last year file you remember? Fm 17 worked on fm18 end off season had a problem, then you re did the file and same problem end off season. The we found the problem
  9. Hey dan how’s it going? If it’s going to be hard or not doable this file why don’t you just use FM18 file? Just change what needs changing and or add leagues that may be easier? Just a option
  10. You can use current file just change the leagues that need changing l. I’d be happy to have a pop, but I’ll just a little to advance for me. I’m gunna try and use this file on FM19 will need to change a few things but if it works I’ll keep this file
  11. Not long for FM19 now yippee. I’m so hoping this file will work on FM19 I’ll most probably need to change a for little things. Dan a little question for you. Guys don’t start with abuse I’m just wondering. Anyways dan hi lol, have you started the file or you waiting for FM19? Be ace if you doing file now ready for new game. I’m hoping this file will work (unless dan all ready stating the file)
  12. A massive DRUMM roll people..... November the 2nd fm out YIPEeeeeeeeeee. Can’t wait haha
  13. Hey going off track. Last year fm I managed to find all Man Utd players in fm (former included). But now I can’t remember how I did can someone help me find a way please thanks. I’m in too minds to start agen!!!! Wana add a Man Utd reserve like Plymouth argyle have a reserve team. So I can put my prospects in there
  14. Is dan taking a break from doing the file this year? Just asking so I know weather to get FM19 or not
  15. Hey guys. In the past the previous fm files (level 22) have worked with the newest fms, would you think this file (not the save I’m currently playing) would work with FM19? With the leagues being different?
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