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  1. Ye I thought there was something missing lol. I took some divisions off and added local welsh leagues only two bottom two. To make my own make shift level 22 and thought there was cups not in it like normal. Are you adding them or is it finished how it is? thanks again dan (sir) 😂👍
  2. Dan your a legend. We should Knight you. Sir dan (what ever your surname is haha). Just outa curiosity you can buy a knight hood, just thought I’d share that info. but seriously dan thank you
  3. Don’t listen to the twit dan, we all appreciate what u do, even me, even when I’m a little inpatient I’m just excited to play it. can I just ask how low are u going? Are going to release level 14 soon? Sorry to ask again 😊. thanks again 🙏🙌👍
  4. I see your point, I think if the file would work it would work. But anyway like I said I see your point. Have you decided how low down u are going?
  5. Hi dan just a little question. How many leagues are there left for level 14? Are u going to release it with the cups? maybe u could fin the rest of the levels of on FM20 (if the file will work). Previous editions have worked on later FMs. Except for this year wich is a shame.
  6. I like the 22 levels but taking into consideration on how long I’ve spent don’t this file this year. Go as far as you feel u want. I can’t tell u how excited I am for u to fin really can’t wait to play FM19. Still not played it yet
  7. I agree with phonmpenhandy, it’ll take u for ever to go all way down and add them all, or go to 17/18 do what u feel best as you are the one making it. Thanks again
  8. Iv been using dan file for I few years level 22 the lowest he’s gone last two think it been level 21. I start at the lowest I can I make my own team (but based in wales north wales) I don’t wanna start at level 14 in Liverpool div two (that would be the lowest unless there a doc three). I play it different to every body else. i think this will be the last ever FM I’ll ever buy, if dan still dose these files I’ll buy it then. Iv not played FM19 yet. I got it thinking I could transfer FM18 level22 file to FM19. but for some reason I don’t work. But previous files have worked on older FMs. They did say that they have changed the coding a little. Not long now then this file will be ready 😊
  9. Hey how’s it going? Just a little question. In your first post u said that the level only gose to 17? But u said your going to try to go level 21 or something like that. So just wondering are you going to level 17 or lower. Thanks again for this. If I’m rite after level 14 maybe 15 the leagues get a little smaller yey haha I think lol.
  10. Hey guys how are we all? Just thinking this time last year this file was out 🤪. But unfortunately this file not out yet 😢. Just wanted to say it is a shame fm18 file wouldn’t work (like previous files). I’m not sure if your doing the same for fm20 dan(hope u do 😊). If u do I’m guna wait till the file is out befor I get it. I paid £36 for FM19 and not played it yet lol. Hopefully this file will for on the next FM. dan just want to say thanks for taking time in doing this. So so so so can’t wait for the release. I recon June the earliest it’ll be ready ...... not long lol
  11. There is away. The players you want make them players/coaches or scouts etc. Give them 30/40 year contacts thy stay.
  12. Ye patience I will have (unlike last year haha). Just thought that would work and save dan time but, will wait 😊 thank you dan again for this
  13. Hey all why couldn’t we all (people who can) help dan and maybe do a few leagues I.e person 1 dose level 12-14 person 2 15-7 for example and help dan. as well all know it such a huge file Then dan can merge them together just a thought
  14. I go full level 22 small database. I don’t matter what level u use you prob start a season on 12,000 players, then 5 years later you’ll have round 30,000 players or more in the game. I only use English full level 22 and have all the leagues on background (I like to look at the teams in others leagues)
  15. Hi. What bout the non league paper I get that from time to time football.mito has midd Sussex levels maybe on that could see the above levels. I’ll try and have alook
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