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  1. Thanks for your help 🙏🏻 There’re a lot of changes made to the league for the upcoming season, with new teams being added into the league. Just hoping that they’ll be in the game. Maybe in the winter update. I will be making a DB for confirmed transfer changes when the league transfer window opens next month. Is there any place where I can submit those? I have began submitting those changes to the sortitoutsi website as teams in the league have started their preseason now.
  2. Thanks. I'm sorry for posting this here but can you have someone take a look at these too? Posted this on the forum but haven't got any replies yet. Some of the database are outdated and they're going to be changes regarding the teams in the Malaysian league. For the first issue, which is about the latest feeder teams in the league, I've attached the official statements from the league organisers. https://www.malaysianfootballleague.com/portal/news-details?id=329&fbclid=IwAR2CuScnqeK13ueMPHTgancgrsNW3vssWN_SepOAVgY7UVbfbCY8v_u32ag
  3. I will post there, thanks. I have another question, I've posted some correction issues on here too Are those in the data issues category or do I need to post somewhere else? Thanks
  4. Hi, just wondering, can someone take a look at the Malaysian league foreign players rule. The foreign players quota for the 1st division, the Malaysian Super League is incorrect. The correct quota is 5 foreign players in the league, 3 players from any country + 1 player from Asian countries + 1 player from Southeast Asian countries. Thanks. https://www.goal.com/en-in/news/isl-foreign-player-quota-afc-india-football-asian-leagues/z9lv70k3cfuk1q6ai4wx8ilt2
  5. Hey, Do I post about incorrect league rules here? Because the foreign player rule in the Malaysian League in FM20 is incorrect.
  6. I think the SI research team should take a look at the the ratings for Training Facilities, Data Analysis Facilities & Youth Facilities of teams in the Malaysian league. Some of the teams have made improvements over these couple of years. For example, Johor DT's training facilities have been one of the best or even the best club training facilities in South East Asia. And can maybe compete with training facilities across Asia. Teams like Selangor & Terengganu FC have also improved their training facilities. And some teams have change their home stadiums as well. For next season, Johor DT will be moving to their newly built stadium. I understand not all teams deserves an update but bigger teams like Johor DT, they have the best training facilities in the country and even south east asia yet their ratings are poor facilities while some other clubs are rated higher. These ratings for the facilities are clearly outdated. I hope some improvements can be made to these ratings for training facilities, data analysis facilities & youth facilities in the Malaysian league. And maybe even the Malaysian league competition ranking & club rankings for Malaysian clubs can be updated as well. Thanks.
  7. A lot of the Malaysian players' position in the game are either incorrect or outdated ( They maybe played that position 3/4 years ago and hasn't played there since ). I've screenshot a few examples from the Malaysian National Team. For example: Safawi Rasid is a right inside forward and not a striker. He can play as one but he normally plays on the right side as a inverted winger or inside forward. Syafiq Ahmad plays naturally as a Striker but sometimes he also operates on the left for club & country. But his natural position is a striker. He sometimes plays in midfield as well. Mohamadou Sumareh is predominantly a right winger. But sometimes he plays as a left inside forward or even a striker for Malaysia. But he is naturally a right winger. Adam Nor Azlin & Dominic Tan no longer play in midfield these days. They play as a centre back now. Adam used to play as a striker/midfielder a few years back. Syahmi Safari usually plays at right back/wing back nowadays. He still plays as a right winger occasionally. Syamer Kutty Abba & Nik Akif are midfielders but in the game, they're listed as wingers. Fridaus Saiyadi nowadays play more as a winger. Brendan Gan usually plays deeper in midfield nowadays. He doesn't really plays as an attacking midfielder or shadow striker. These are just to name a few positional mistakes in the game involving Malaysian players. And I hope you guys can take a look at it. Thanks.
  8. Hye, I think this should be in the next major update. Where they're now 4 reserves team in the Malaysian 2nd division. And the players can be move between the main team & the reserves team outside of the transfer window. For example like AFC Ajax and their reserve team, Jong Ajax. https://www.goal.com/en-my/news/selangor-fa-perak-fa-reserve-team-applications-approved-uitm/1d0a9ds9mv3t31stzmvnybbdjg
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