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  1. More realistic AI managers? I'll give an example. One of my friends poached a wonderkid from another club in the same division for some pittance of compensation (I think he said 1.5 Million £) in the first season. No reaction from the AI manager and no "has a low opinion of you" on the manager's profile page. Shouldn't he be angrier than that given that his player was valued at 9 or 10ish million £ and left for not even 25% of that? Maybe the press could ask him about it at the next press conference and he could call you a few names and storm out?
  2. UEFA Cup semi-final (both managers AI controlled) First leg: Second leg:
  3. If this has been posted before I apologise in advance. When you do opposition instructions... you're shown what positions each person on the opposing team is currently at in the formation (DL, MC, etc). Would it be possible to have another column that lists each position they're good at (for the 11 on the pitch and the subs). It takes more time than I'd like to click each person on the subs, see what their natural/talented positions are then go back and change their instructions.
  4. You have to go to the store for something but you're so busy thinking about FM tactics you don't realise you're jaywalking. Or that a cement truck is coming at you. But you do notice/hear the guy slam on the brakes and swerve to miss you by a few scant inches. :o Happened to me the week I got fm 06. :o
  5. Opposition Instructions: Can we please be able to select more than one player at a time and choose what instructions we want to give for them? It would save time. I'd also like to be able to see what positions each sub on the opposing team can play in that one screen. GoalKeepers & Player Ratings: Is there any way player ratings could be changed to go have .5 increments available instead of only going up/down by 1s? Some examples of how this may apply to keepers: Keeper is caught out of position, opposition player piledrives the ball into the back of the net: rating down by 1 Defender does a clumsy challenge from behind in the box... penalty... goal: rating down by .5 Goalkeeper lunges at the ball and knocks down an opposition striker... penalty... goal: rating down by 1 Defender gives the ball away in a bad position, opposition player scores.
  6. Would it be possible in FM09 to (when you're choosing a team at the Create a Manager screen) have a arrow pointing up (maybe green?) next to teams that were promoted the previous season and an arrow pointing down (maybe red?) next to teams that were relegated the previous season? I like to go on holidays for a season and take over a new team and it would save me some time looking to see which teams went up or down
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