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  1. Hey Harry, thanks for looking into it, yes both problems in the same save!
  2. Hey Harry, also I cant offer players new contracts over 6.5k AUD a week even with heaps of money spare in my wage budget. ive played for many years and never had these problems before is there just a bug in my game?
  3. Here it says Sprianvoic scored the winning goal in the final but didn't give him an Aleauge Final trophy same with the rest of the team
  4. hey Harry, thanks for the reply. I have uploaded it and its saved under Bailey Marshall-Melbourne. ill try and upload a photo soon, ill just re explain what I mean, so western untied in the Aleauge just won the regular season but in all there players profiles in history it says they won the reserve league, I have won the A-league grand final back to back and in my players profiles in the history section no trophy pops up. hope you can help, its of my favourite things to look at and see how many trophy's a player as won at my club, thanks, Bailey
  5. No competitions trophy’s are being uploaded onto the players profile when they win! I know it’s only small but I love this detail please help!
  6. I would love to be Abel to coach in more than 3 nations!!!!
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