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  1. I'm down also! The poacher in my system will be...dun dun dun...Dries Mertens! Partnered by...dun dun dun...Roberto Firmino! (Spoiler: it will be a 2 striker system).
  2. This is a great topic. I have 3 attacking roles in mine, but I use similar possession retention to try and work on a more measured approach from the attacking mentality. Attack / Structured Slightly Narrower, Use Offside Trap, Play out of Defence, Retain Possession, Work ball into Box and Roam from Positions. It's a 4-3-3 with an AF (A) flanked on each side by a F9 (S), then a DLP (D) in midfield flanked by two MEZ, one on support and one on attack both with the instruction to run wide with the ball. Then two BPD (D) flanked by WBs, one on attack and one on support (alternating the sides with the MEZ on A/S). Finally the GK is a SK (D). It's probably the most successful tactic I've used in FM18 and I'm a little worried that's down to the 'exploit' of having 3 strikers (is this an exploit? I've seen so many 3 defender, 3 striker formations this year which I've been trying to steer clear of) so I want to try it out with a F9 and 2 SS (A) behind it, but it's more the team instructions and set up that I enjoy.
  3. I've always meant to ask (and maybe there's something in the FAQ and this is stupid) but is FMT's engine the exact same minus all the fluff (so no interviews, unhappiness, etc)?
  4. This is a fantastic article. I used it to make my City based tactic. Right now this is what I have: DLF (A): Firmino W (S): Mane ---------------------------------------------------------- W (S): Salah MEZ (S): Wijnaldum - DLP (D): Henderson - MEZ (S): Can IWB (S): Robertson - CD (D): van Dijk - CD (D): Lovren - IWB (S): Alexander-Arnold SK (S): Karius Counter/Structured - Play Much Wider, Much Higher Defensive Line, Use Offside Trap, Close Down Much More, Mark Tighter, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box, Look for Underlap The only PIs I have are for the W (S); I put both of them to 'get further forward'. The main thing with those two positions is that I actually use them with opposite feet. So I've been using this tactic with Liverpool and I put the respective players where they are. I haven't experimented with it yet but I was also thinking Mez/W swap positions if that's possible.
  5. That's not necessarily true. Even with the ball you can see him drop all the way into midfield at times.
  6. I think he's talking about your spelling of his name.
  7. Can you link me to the interview where he says that? It's so far from the truth. Coutinho was one of the worst players we had against the ball to be honest. Mane does way more work down the left than Coutinho did, and Oxlade-Chamberlain does way more work in the middle than Coutinho did. As for the tactic...I'm happy to say I'll be able to get some analysis up this weekend but wow...changing the Mezzala to a support duty and making Salah an IF (A) has changed things completely. Salah is now bossing and as a whole the tactic is improving.
  8. Thanks for the support and advice guys! Tonight I'll probably work on tweaking the tactic a bit to try and get a more true to life feel to that right side of the field (despite the current level of success). The other thing I've been thinking about is that even though his movement has been really similar I'm not really seeing the same kind of defensive involvement I was hoping for from Firmino. You can see that by looking at this: Firmino is the hardest working forward there is against the ball, and all of that on a team that often controls possession leaving him with even fewer opportunities for these kind of interventions. I'm considering ticking 'close down much more' and 'tackle harder' to emulate his natural ball hounding nature, but I'm also worried about how the engine will react to that (will he get too many cards, etc.) because even though he is supremely aggressive he's a player with a controlled aggression.
  9. Thanks man! Yeah ultimately the goal was to try and get Firmino to play like he does in real life and so far it seems like the role I've set in this system is close to replicating that. My hesitation in making Salah a winger is that I am still trying to be somewhat true to the Klopp system and right now I'm trying to figure out how to have Salah act more like a wide striker. As the Raumdeuter what I've found is that he does get on the end of some chances (most seem to get blocked for whatever reason) but he's been assisting a lot as opposed to scoring (he ends up hitting Coutinho as the trailer in from the left). I have ended up playing a few more games last night and really watching large chunks of them and the system seems to be working super well to replicate what I've seen from Liverpool. The press is insane (3, 4 guys harrying the ball at a time really well), the counter attacks are lethal and the interplay is nice. Unfortunately it replicated it too well right down to being up 3-0 against Sevilla in Europe only to finish tied 3-3 (small consolation being that we had way more chances than they did, something like 9 to 3). Haha I understand. Actually up until I started seriously working on this tactic I was very frustrated too. So far undefeated with 6 wins and 1 draw though with 4 goals allowed and I think 15 goals scored (not at home atm) with 3 of the goals against coming in the game I drew. Feel free to try it out and let me know if it works for you. Yeah, if you read the whole topic you can see that I changed the system up! Cheers.
  10. So after some testing I've found a system and role that gets Firmino to act as I think that he does in real life (for the most part). I've also accidentally stumbled upon a really strong tactic in general (4 games, 4 wins, 5+ chances per game, 1 goal against, Burnley, Leicester, Juventus and United). I'll try and find some time tonight to get some screenshots and maybe a few little videos, but basically I set up like this: Coutinho: IF (S) --- Firmino: AM (S) --- Salah: RMD (A) Henderson: BBM (S) --- Wijnaldum: MEZ (A) Can: DM (S) Robertson: WB (S) --- van Dijk: CD (D) --- Lovren: CD (D) --- Alexander-Arnold: FB (S) Karius: GK (D) Control/Flexible: Close Down Much More, Prevent Short GK Distribution, Play out of Defence, Pass into Space, Roam from Positions AM (S): Get Further Forward, Shoot Less Often, More Risky Passes, Move into Channels IF (S): Stay Wider, Get Further Forward MEZ (A): Run Wide With Ball The only issue I've got with the system so far is that the main goalscorers so far have been the IF (S) and the MEZ (A) instead of the RMD. The actual run of play seems very similar in distribution to the Liverpool/City game and I'll upload comparisons to it (right down to the number of passes, touches, area of involvement, etc.) Still, the part I liked most was that Firmino acted a lot like he does for Liverpool; he was dropping deep in midfield, he was roaming to both sides of the field, he was almost always involved in the attack, and he was popping up to score goals here and there.
  11. I've been thinking about a few different ways to try and emulate what Klopp's team is doing on the pitch right now and while this isn't exactly a Klopp thread I've looked at it this way: ---------- F9 (S) - T (A) IF (S)------------------------------------- CAR (S) ---- MEZ (A) or IF (S) --- AM (S) --- RMD (A) CAR (S) --- MEZ (A) Anyway I'll get to doing some testing on these tonight and watching the patterns and post my findings.
  12. So I'm still working on this, but the City game has inspired me to keep working at it. Obviously, FM is not real life and you can't just take one player and expect them to work a certain way in any system and have success. So a large part of getting your striker to play like Firmino does in real life is going to be building a system around him that also encourages this type of play. If you look at how Liverpool are set up at the moment with Mane on the left, Salah on the right and Firmino between them you get this kind of set up: Firmino: CF (S) Mane: IF (S) ---------------------------------------- Salah: RMD (A) What we do know is that Firmino pops up all the way as low as the DM strata and literally roams all over the field, popping up where needed to press, but also generally ends up attacking through the middle. Salah is involved less in the build up and typically stays up higher on the pitch, often cutting inside and popping up in the box -- this lends me to believe that he would be a Raumdeuter more-so than an Inside Forward, but either way he definitely plays with an attacking mentality. Mane seems a little harder to pin down; if you look at his heat maps and positioning you can see that he typically drops deeper and is more involved in the defensive phase as well as the build up, but he definitely isn't a traditional winger as most of his contributions in the final 3rd see him drift into the middle of the field from the left never really going to the byline. I can't really decide if he should be in the midfield line with an attacking mentality or in the attacking midfield line with a support mentality (I'm tempted to say IF (S) that is instructed to stay wider, and get further forward). For now I think the above set up makes the most sense. Right now my concern in this situation is that being in the striker position and having a CF (regardless of the support option) is going to see Firmino stay too high on more roam around that area as opposed to actually dropping deep into midfield like he often does for Liverpool. To give a little idea of where I'm going with this I believe a lower mentality (Standard probably) combined with a structured shape that allows the players to roam fits the bill. I don't think I will set the entire team to press high because I feel like most of the coordinated press comes from the forwards, two more advanced midfielders and the fullbacks. I'll have to sit down and look at the midfield next as I am pretty sure the defensive line and keeper will make themselves afterward (trying to decide if it's a CM (A) in front of a VOL (S) and DM (S) or a BBM (S) + MEZ (S/A) in front of a DM (S)).
  13. Yeah I'm using FM17 for a few more weeks and testing out the tactic just to see how the engine implements it so I can tweak and transition over to FM18.
  14. Is there a way to make a central midfielder act kind of like a winger in attack? Basically trying to play a midfield 3 with a RMD on the right but I want the CM that plays on the side of the RMD to run wide with the ball while the RMD is roaming (generally forward to act like a poacher). I know you can set a Mezzala to run wide with the ball but it's not an option for any other CM. Is there a way to emulate this or maybe force this player to run to the right?
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