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  1. Glad to see this back Turning pro is the first thing or at least semi pro but I would imagine your a good while off that yet.
  2. Love the format of your thread. Decent move across to Norway, do you think you could of held out for slightly bigger Scandinavian team?
  3. I like the idea of this save something I have thought about many times before. Glad to see they can now get into CL I think that was the thing holding me back previously from doing this save. Good luck
  4. Like the start pal well done. Seems in the first few games you were beaten by sides yo maybe expected to have been beaten by. Good luck with it
  5. Love the idea of this save and your progress so far has been superb. Whats the bank balance like at present?
  6. I like this concept reminds me of the old Danny Roberts thread. Good luck pal
  7. It’s been a long time since I was on here. I had a different username back then, I ave no idea what it was I think it was 09 maybe last time I played. I did this challenge back then but didn’t complete it. I may may join in again now after being tempted in by FM18 but where to go .......
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