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  1. Olliespurr

    Players ineligible

    Hey I’m still waiting to hear back from them
  2. Olliespurr

    Players ineligible

    Hey, i was just wondering if there has been any developments. I’d love to play football manager again haha. many thanks, ollie
  3. Olliespurr

    Players ineligible

    Hi Olly, I was just wondering on the next steps for this as all my saves have this error haha thanks Ollie
  4. Olliespurr

    Players ineligible

    Hi Olly, I've uploaded the save game. Its called olliespurr_squadregistrationbug.fm ... Thanks Ollie
  5. Olliespurr

    Players ineligible

    Hi, I recently got promoted to the chamionship and I was about to play my first game of the season only to find that my whole squad is ineligible. I have no idea why?? There is absolutely no reason other than being a bug. I'm really hoping this can be fixed as I've invested over 50 hours into this career already. It says the window is due to open in january, however im still in august. thanks very much ollie