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  1. I agree. The main errors are relative to those who physically enters the values of PA in the research phase. Not the value itself. Fortunately, the game provides a game editor that allows anyone who believes there's been bad values, edit them.
  2. OK, all right. Also I have always done this consideration. But it doesn't seem right that the rating of a player can be so different depending on the position on the pitch. Furthermore, the count of assist is terrible. Players who touch the ball for the last several seconds before, that become assist man because then the striker score on a ground stroke. And that assist goes to give a bonus to the player's rating.
  3. A problem that I'm picking up every year. Football Manager that scale of ratings has, compared with those whose we are used to seeing attributed by the press? sufficiency = 6,7? good? 7? poor? 5 or more?
  4. Ciao Train What do you mean by slower? Graphically or in a simulated day to another?
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