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  1. I’m a long term player of these games (20+ years). In recent times I’ve been playing the touch version as I now have kids. Although I do still dip into the full game from time to time. In the last few weeks I’ve been playing the old champ manager 01/02 game. One glaring difference for me is how fun and enjoyable the old champ manager is, compared to the recent FM games. The biggest one for me is the fact that a 16 year old from millwall, or an unknown swede develop into the best players in the game. There’s about 50 players (most of who’m went onto have very basic careers in real life) who are legends in this game. Sometimes, you get a striker with 10 finishing, who manages to score 35 goals in a season. Or you keep a clean sheet against Bayern Munich, with a reserve goalie, and a 16 year old CB. Dare I say it, FM (in my opinion), is too realistic. So maybe the touch version could include some of this unrealistic gameplay and make the game more fun.
  2. I have a problem with this aswell. I feel like I have to pay 3 or 4 times a players value. Yet other teams pay just above value. For example, I tried to buy a newgen who was valued at £6m for £8m. His club told me they wanted £23m. Yet the player ended up being sold for £7m to a team lower down than me.
  3. I have a player at Crewe for 12 seasons, another on 11 seasons. Why can’t I arrange a testimonial? It’s just greyed out.
  4. Good one. Ive been in the championship with Crewe Alex for 4 seasons and still getting rejected by players for league 1 clubs.
  5. Does anyone know the ratio of hard and soft brexit to a save. I only do one save a year due to having a young family and demanding job. But this one I’ve been playing since November has given me a hard brexit. I’m thinking of starting another save as work permit rules are starting to annoy me (I’m missing out on so many top newgens from abroad). I totally understand SI reasons for putting this in the game as it will be happening in “real life”. Does anyone know the chances of me getting another hard brexit on my next save and if it’s worth starting another one.
  6. Definitely. Could add another aspect to dynamics aswell.
  7. Don’t know if it would be possible, but just say there was a way to continue a PC save on your phone or tablet. Maybe play a few games of the season, albeit a lighter version of the game. When you load the game back up on the PC you pick up from where you left off.
  8. I think the OP was trying to suggest sometimes once a decade a player just comes good randomly in lower leagues like Jamie vardy later in his career.
  9. It would be good to be able to suggest a player gets an international call up. E.g I had Jason Cummings banging 30+ goals in the championship but was being overlooked for international recognition. It would’ve been good to just suggest he gets an international call up. Imagine we could do that with any player. If you suggested a bang average player in your under 23s you could look bad, but on the other hand boost a players morale by putting him forward for a realistic call up.
  10. What I’ve noticed aswell, you can’t actually just approach a player and say your going to sell him. You have to wait until they become unhappy to have a conversation. In real life I’d imagine a manager approaching a player mid season to tell him he’ll be getting sold. It’s annoying in a journeyman save as you might be looking to sign him at some point in the future.
  11. I’ve a decent center back called Gerard Butler. I can’t bring myself to play him as I don’t want Gerard Butler in my starting XI.
  12. Buy him chocolates, or take him out for a pint. Nah seriously, what works for me is..... drop him for 6 months, don’t play him, he’ll become unhappy. When he asks to speak to you say you’ve made a mistake and will give him some game time, then put him back in the team. A few months later, you’ll have a happy player.
  13. That’s a decent link from hunt3r. I think this year we’ll need to put a lot more effort into injury management and training schedules.
  14. Anyone else getting bother with injuries? Ive now got 6 first team players out. Not small injuries either, it’s 3 and 4 months out. Ive tried reducing training intensity.
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