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  1. I had the good/bad luck of not going that day, if I went, I would have been in the Terrace with those supporters.
  2. My team's All Boys, Argentinian Third Division We aren't able to see the team because of incidents that happened in a Derby Day with the more violent parts of the supporters, the Hooligans, basically.
  3. Really this makes up my day when my team lost 4-0! Great job so far Makoto, keep it up.
  4. Quite a jump, Belgium to Belize, also Bhutan coming up, Nearly time for some High Quality football?
  5. Then went on to get plummeted 10-0 on agregate vs a team from Montenegro
  6. This season, A San Marino team, Tre Fiori, actually won a European tie!
  7. Ahh, San Giovanni, San Marino's San Marino on Football I can't imagine the streets when you win an international game!
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