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  1. UN. BE. LIE. VABLE. Was putting odds on you quitting the save without getting promoted but you kept going at it!. Great, great job and good luck staying up in the Regionalliga.
  2. Have been lurking for a while now.. But holy cow, 21 seasons in this league, going from bottom to mid to near the top of the table.
  3. I had the good/bad luck of not going that day, if I went, I would have been in the Terrace with those supporters.
  4. My team's All Boys, Argentinian Third Division We aren't able to see the team because of incidents that happened in a Derby Day with the more violent parts of the supporters, the Hooligans, basically.
  5. Really this makes up my day when my team lost 4-0! Great job so far Makoto, keep it up.
  6. Quite a jump, Belgium to Belize, also Bhutan coming up, Nearly time for some High Quality football?
  7. Then went on to get plummeted 10-0 on agregate vs a team from Montenegro
  8. This season, A San Marino team, Tre Fiori, actually won a European tie!
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