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  1. You need to remove my work from your paid version, I did not give you permission and your out of ****ing order. My skin has always been free
  2. The background selector I made, was originally only 5 or 6 to choose from. The image you use on the opening post of the news screen tactical analysis is my work. In match the focus of attacks cycle actions zones is my work, as is the exact layout of the match in between highlights. So using old stuff from my previous skins makes me exempt from a credit? that's fine your choice
  3. Do I not get any credit then as quite a few stuff I created are in your skin lol
  4. If anyone is after a cheapish but great PC then this is making my FM18 run like a dream https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FAST-GTX-1050-Ti-Quad-Core-i7-Gaming-PC-Windows-10-Desktop-Computer-16GB-RAM-2TB/302171937197?hash=item465ad9d9ad%3Am%3AmAMTQirtSvtRDDDbJKFpX2A
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