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  1. Still struggling on away games, having the best form on home games and one of the worst away...
  2. No, exactely the same, only change mentality to defensive or counter sometimes, with no effect...
  3. Hi Arrano, The problem is, 9 out of 10 times my team is greatly dominated by the home team, so even if I retain possession, work ball into box, etc, they still have all the CCC and most of the possession... At home, things are perfect, with very few goals against and dominating the game...
  4. Normally I let my assman do them unless I think they are too weird. Most of the times "we can win today" or "wish luck", both home and away games. Somethink I never tried on, gonna try it the next away games. Though never changing starting formation, as I'm a defender of tactical consistency, I do tried change mentality and starting strategy to more defensive styles away, having no success...
  5. Hi guys My Cambridge City team has been struggling in the last couple of seasons on the away games. My players performance drop drastically, from dominating my games at home to struggling to even get a point out of an away game... My field is relatively small, 102x65 I think, but I noticed this problem even in fields similar to mine... Here goes my tactics: Uploaded with ImageShack.us My match preparation is set at High (40%) with focus on Defensive Positioning. I wanted to know if there's more people with this problem and how you dealt with it. Thanks!
  6. Ok, I'll try not to worry too much. But it would be a shame to ruin such a great save if he really fires me!
  7. Hi guys. I started a save with cambridge city following dafuge's rules, and managed to get them to npower league one in 5 seasons, with secure finances and a bunch of young and promising players. Now the board wants to leave and some guy from Oxford wants to buy the club and kick me out of there! I think it's just unfair! Anyway, is there any way to prevent this from happening? I really don't want to have to retire my actual manager and create another if they fire me...
  8. Hi guys. I made some custom views for the player search menu in the demo, is there any way to export them when the official game comes out?
  9. Thanks guys... They yould need to remove the attributes not only from the profiles, but also in the team's page, transfer list, short list, etc...
  10. Are you sure? It would be much more realistic if I could only relyu on the scout reports...
  11. Hi everyone Is there any way to completely hide the stats of all the players in the game?
  12. Time to lose the sliders

    I guess it's too hard to take the sliders out, but why not reduce them? From 1-20 to 1-5, as I already said. And add a slider width as individual tactic because, as said before, that could be used for many purposes.
  13. Time to lose the sliders

    Then maybe those hundred millions threads are right... Sliders take realism off the game. FM is first of all a realist game where you're a football manager. Not a micromanagement game. If SI objective was to make this a micromanagement game you could control how many seats the stadium has, hire the sponsors and increase the price of the hotdogs in the match day.