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  1. very good tactic! i'm using it with Ajax.. and the result is awesome.. thank you so much Vodu!
  2. Rest in peace my bro.. you one of the best guy here.. Deepest condolences to all your family..
  3. hi guys, here are my result using 'standard' tactic from the OP. 1st. I'm managing Sunderland and no signing at all. 2nd. here are the result: EPL A 2-1 (W) WOLVES EPL H 4-1 (W) STOKE LC A 2-0 (W) DERBY EPL A 2-0 (W) BLACKPOOL EPL H 3-2 (W) FULHAM EPL A 1-0 (W) LIVERPOOL 6 games 6 wins 0 draw 0 lose And I should admit that I havent faced strong team in the EPL, but I'll update soon.. 3rd. here are my line up: GK. Simon Mignolet DR. Marcos Angeleri DC. Titus Bramble DC. Michael Turner DL. Phil Bardsley MC. Lee Cattermole (Busquet's role) MCR. Stephane Sessegnon (Iniesta's role) MCL. Jordan Henderson (Xavi's role) AMR. Steed Malbranque AML. Kieran Richardson STC. Asamoah Gyan
  4. I think standard is better than the edited home/away tactic,.. what do you think guys?
  5. Hi all, there are 5 tactics in the OP, standard, attacking, possesion, home, away. Which one is really recommended? thanks for the advices all..
  6. how's your achievement Earstorm? Mind to post some screenshots?
  7. @CR7_man: nope.. this is for 10.1.3.. @all: I got a great result with Liverpool in my first season.. will update again.. EPL: 2-1 H Bolton 6-0 H Sunderland 3-1 A Man City 0-1 A Chelsea 5-2 H Burnley 7-0 H Birmingham 3-2 A Stoke Champions League: 6-0 H Unirea Urziceni 3-1 A Dinamo Kiev League Cup 7-0 A Leicester very satisfy..
  8. hi Frank Mourinho, which version are you using? u really have a great result there..
  9. hi all.. so far.. i had tried this tactic all i had to say is SUPERB..!! nyway, so far I'm using good team.. But I think I'll try weaker team.. Absolutely recommended..! thanks Vu Duc Tu..
  10. hi all,.. i had donwloaded - classic - beta wizard - wizard best version (21/3/2010) - gcs beta wizard i heard the gcs one have a corner cheat.. is it true? hehehe.. so far i'm playing using classic version.. i have a great result.. but my defender is a bit leaky sometimes n cost too much stamina.. do u guys have the same things happened? thanks..
  11. hi BIg H.. thanks for the responses.. I'm going to give a try.. cheers..
  12. hi all of u.. i'm going to try the tactics.. n cant wait to taste impressive results.. but the problem is i dnot know which one i should choose? any advice or suggestion? Here is the link to the Classic Tactic. The one i used with everton and huddersfield http://www.filefront.com/15775207/10.3%20Classic%20%28Everton%2C%20May%202010%29.tac This is the Link to the Beta i Released last week alot of people have had success with this and i'll be posting there screen shots up later on. I will be working more on this beta because i think it's leaky in defence. http://www.filefront.com/15775317/10.3%20Beta%20Wizard%20%28Everton%2C%20May%202010%29.tac ************************************************** ********************* 21/3/10 Update. My version 2 of the Beta Wizard I drill as before no shouts and i don't use OI's but if you wanna use them then you can. Try and sign players that have the attributes i have posted. http://www.filefront.com/15882883/Mr-Hough-10.3-V2-Wizard-Best-Version-Middlesbrough-Jan-2010.tac/ ************************************************** ********************* 26/3/10 Update. Just Updating with the GCS version of my original Beta, Some Extremly good feedback on this tactic and is better in defence and more balanced that my Original Beta. Thanks GCS for a fantastic Contribution to the thread. http://www.filefront.com/15803247/10.3-Mr.H-_Zico10_gcs-beta-wizard--Everton-May-2010.tac/ If you give feedback can you tell me which version you are using thanks
  13. i'll give a try with: home: v6/piranha away: makalele/away thanks yeah..
  14. So far I had tried 4 matches without transfer using Tottenham Hotspur in my first season: A 0-2 vs Chelsea (lose) A 3-1 vs West Brom (win) H 3-0 vs West Brom (win) H 3-1 vs Newcastle (win) so far,.. I'm very please with the result.. I'll feedback again later.. cheers,..
  15. Aha.. Thanks for the quick response fenom84.. :) I had downloaded it.. n I'll give a try tonight.. n will report the result soon.. cheers..
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