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  1. In both i cant proceed. I tried skipping the first time when you launch the game. Then trying to create a new career its the same. https://community.sigames.com/forum/580-manager-man-and-generated-staffplayer-faces/ Here are several Topcis with the same issue. They all have no date of birth. Im pretty sure something went wrong in 18.1.1 because before the patch i was able to play and create.
  2. Hey Neil, thanks for ur replay. I did every step including reinstalling. It's still the same :/
  3. Hey, after the new Patch 18.1 me and several others are not able to create a Manager. Therefore i cant proceed to start a new career. I remember there was a Date of Birth section in 18.0, maybe thats why? Any ideas what i can do?
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