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  1. Hello i have not put on any custom graphics/logos or skins and have tried all things you told me to do and the issue is still there I brought the game from amazon
  2. i can't believe the lack of support you guys have given me since i brought up my issue with FM18, 5 months and what has changed NOTHING coming from someone that loves the FM games its truly shocking by the lack of help from you guys i spent £40 on this game money which was earned by working hard at a job i hated and it feels like have been scammed out of 40 pounds All i wish for now is you help out people better then you have with me because they deserve it because without them you would be nothing. Cheers Guys for scamming me out of 40 quid Thank You
  3. hi, i installed the new update and nothing has changed will this ever get fixed
  4. yes and its still the same white screen with the background music
  5. It’s been like it for 3 hours and I’ve not done any custom graphics to it
  6. It been up the entire time not seen anything but that after I launch it and no i’m Not
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