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  1. Haha, I enjoyed reading your post - very droll. I also agree with your point, it would add a lot of realism to the game and SI should really consider this.
  2. I've thought of a couple more: - When your star/wonderkid has a lot of attributes raised one month, only for them to fall back down next month. - Accidentally accepting an offer for a player which is worth a lot less than some of the other offers you've been getting. Oh, and if you see a player in the other team whose name seems weird or funny, he's bound to score against you. That happens to me all the time!
  3. ^ Same here. The same goes for a player who just gets injured - right after you were about to sub him. I hate it when: - You see players with a long shot rating of well below 10 score a curling 30 yard banana shot against you. - Missed opportunities! You realise that if you had won that game, it would have put you in that promotion spot. - Players who score landmark goals against you. That's his first goal for the club! That's his fifth goal of the season! Grinds my gears for some reason. - A player you've been targeting as your next superstar signs a new contract for his club, so you'll have to settle for an average replacement.
  4. Well, nothing major, but my strikers should be scoring much more than they do. I do agree with him though, there is a fairly big gap between the strikers and the midfield, and it's easy to see that the supply isn't getting anywhere.
  5. This question may have been answered before, but I've done a search and nothing came up. My assistant manager has been complaining for the last five seasons about the gap between the midfield and attack. Now, I play a fairly offensive 4-4-2 and I've tried a diamond formation, but the AssMan keeps saying the same thing. I'm using FM09 but I don't think that matters too much, my friend gets the same problem with FM10. Is there a way to shut my assistant manager up? Seeing the same advice for five seasons running is a wee bit annoying! Perhaps I should just sack him, but if you have some tactical advice for me, that would be great.
  6. Joonas Lehtola, Finnish Caeteno, Brazilian Monteiro, Portuguese (Probably Mon-teero) Cordeiro, Brazilian (Probably Cor-deero) Victor Oulai, Ivory Coast (I say it Ool-eye) My Spanish star, Iker Bengoetxea (who I pronounce simply 'Ben-GOTcha') Nils Peschel, German (correct me if I'm wrong, Neels PEH-shell) De Bellis, Bellinzona, Switzerland (not sure if you pronounce the 's') Trullet, Argentinian Daniel Vazquez, Brazil (Do you pronounce the 'z'?) Phew!
  7. He was born in Artajona, and his other nationality is basque, so it must be 'che'
  8. I mentioned this on another post and I'll put it in here. If I make a player tutor youngsters over the course of his career, it should contribute to making him a better coach.
  9. WooYeah, 'Llan' in welsh is pronounced 'Clan'. Can't tell you the rest of it, I think you're right though.
  10. A regen in my game called Bas Stroek, Dutch Don't know if it's 'Stro-ek', 'Stroke' or whatever. Another Regen, Iker Bengoetxea, Spanish. I'm clueless on that one! Luis Galeano, Paraguay Mosaied Awaji, Isreal Victor Oulai, Ivory Coast, and finally Fernando Rea (not sure if it's 'ree-a', 'ray-ah' or just 'ray'.)
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