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  1. Wow, how much time do some of you guys have!? Takes me about a fortnight to do one season. But I watch every match on extended highlights, and I spend quite a bit of time on tactics. A season a day! I've no idea how you could manage that.
  2. Best 16 y/o regen ever?

    If only he was two-footed!
  3. No good Re-gens for 3 seasons...

    Well if world class regens were coming through every single year for every single club with good training facilities, then it just wouldn't be anywhere near realistic. Liverpool haven't had a fantastic player coming through in the last ten years, but in the nineties Fowler, Gerrard, Carragher and Owen all came through. It's just completely random, give it another few years though with those training facilities and some decent players will definitely come through.
  4. FM 2010: Raul Meireles

    Me too - he just sounds like a good player.
  5. FM10 : Official Should I Buy/Sell Thread

    [Edit: Nevermind]
  6. Creativity and Flair.

    I really like your guide, SFraser. So basically, you need Creativity to see the pass, Flair to try it and Passing to execute it. I'm definitely going to including those attributes when I'm searching for a good winger now - thanks for writing this!
  7. Great Regens Names

    Had a 'Dick Skinner' once.
  8. Save Game Importation

    That's a shame really, it would be a nice feature. But if it's too difficult, then I'm not too bothered.
  9. Football Families

    Pepe Reina's dad played for a Spanish team - Athletico or Valencia, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. Fabio and Rafael?
  10. It is strange, but it happens in real life too. Nasri, Ronaldinho as mentioned above, Cambiasso and Benzema are some names I can think of from the top of my head who were left out of this years World Cup.
  11. Check out this player..

    Bloody hell. Better than I was at that age at least! You've got a gem there, hopefully. I'd like to see him fulfil his potential!
  12. It seems like such an obvious idea now! Glad you've put forward this idea.
  13. FM 11 Details

    Well, everybody wants the exciting new feature of a Dynamic League Reputation too! That, and the ability to be director/chairman. We're such an ambitious lot. They wouldn't be bad features of course but I'm sure there's more exciting features to be revealed, knowing SI. As I said, pezzo's and offleyhornet's ideas sound good to me; not too sure if they will come to happen but they would be nice anyway.
  14. It does get on my nerves, but clearly not as much as it seems to annoy you!
  15. I think your goalkeeper is worth more than my entire squad.