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  1. Happened again just now in another save. Wasn't really paying attention to see what went on just beforehand.
  2. It's only happened to me the once so far James. When I restarted, mercifully the auto save meant I only had to replay that match and it completed with no problem. I think that 2nd yellow right at the end of the half had something to do with it though, like it got caught up in itself ending the half before actually sending him off and letting me check my tactics (as usually happens after a red) and then got stuck there.
  3. Any official word on what the recourse is when these add ons don't work? I've emailed help@sega.co.uk and heard nothing. Sounds like it's a very common problem and charging people for nothing isn't acceptable.
  4. Couldn't get a PKM as I had to reset the game but I had a match where at half time I couldn't start the second half or go into my own tactics. 'Play' would turn to 'Pause' in the top right but do nothing. I had just had Casemiro pick up a second yellow card, but the game commentary seemed to describe it as if it was his first - this was in the 45th minute, then that was the last piece of commentary, tactics screen didn't load as it would after a red and couldn't progress from there. Just one to be aware of, sorry I can't provide the evidence.
  5. How long before the son one kicks in? I purchased it on day one of my saved game (1st July start) it's now December and he hasn't come through yet.
  6. I agree with this. Southgate untouchable in my game as well, and I really want the job.
  7. It's a terrible bug which a lot of us are experiencing. Hopefully the recent lack of updates or acknowledgements on here means they are hard at work on an imminent resolution.
  8. I've got the same problem - with three players I wanted to buy and also one I didn't want to sell when I tried to offer him a new contract to cancel his release clause (he didn't sign, but Chelsea's bid still just sitting there). Let me know if you want my save as well if you think it would help. It's not pre bug as such, but I strongly suspect it will continue to happen if I try to buy more players (especially those that are likely to start a bidding war) and therefore I think it can be replicated again within this save. All of the current four errors appeared within the last transfer wi
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