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  1. Not sure if this is Austrian or German league related, but here goes... Hannes Wolf of RB Leipzig in his profile is showing a 2 game league ban that I imagine is from the tail end of his time at RB Salzburg. He is selectable for Leipzig, so no issue there, but the SUS icon still shows in his profile. I'm about 10 games into my German season, but I presume Austria's season runs parallel? I don't have Austria selected as a playable league, so maybe that's it?
  2. Also, I can click and hold to select text in the bonuses section, but not in the main contract details section.
  3. If I try to use the numpad when entering values in the bonuses and clauses section, each defaults to the first digit. eg. £5,000 becomes £5. £1000 becomes £1 etc.
  4. Playing as Arsenal, I was awarded a penalty in the 27th minute of this game. The default taker was Robbie Burton, but as I was playing a full reserve side, I thought i'd use the change player option and see how good the other guys were. On looking at this I chose Tyreece John-Jules to take it, and he scored. As you can see in the screenshots, the goal is on his name in the player ratings between highlights pane, but during the highlights on the left it is awarded to Burton. PKM attached. Wrong Trousers.pkm
  5. If I've got FM open in the background, and another window open at the same time (chrome, windows explorer, anything really), Alt F4'ing the other window to close it also activates the Alt F4 action in FM.
  6. Nathan Redmond's 3D skin tone could need a look. Appears to be white in game.
  7. Bellerin or Lacazette more likely than Ozil. Arsenal researcher has already promised leadership stats changes in this thread.
  8. Without being near my FM at the moment, I'd put greenwood on a level with nketiah at arsenal. How is nketiah rated?
  9. Good to hear the Pepe and various leadership stats are being looked at, and thanks for acknowledging the other points. How about Martinellis shirt name? Should be a relatively quick fix?
  10. Looking at a couple of Arsenal stats.. Sokratis' heading at 13 feels low, he's been very useful for us both attacking and defending set pieces in the last few seasons. 14 or 15 maybe? Without seeing the exact figure it's hard to say, but I feel Rob Holding's max potential should be around the 4* mark. He of course may not reach it, but only half a star of growth left in him feels harsh. Mustafi's positioning is very generous. He's always playing reactively and throwing in desperate tackles. This is reflected in his concentration perfectly, but the positioning should be brought down to a similar level. Is there a trait for Maitland-Niles to be so laid back that he could be on a beach in the Seychelles? Guendouzi's 15 Acceleration and 14 Pace could be nudged down slightly. He's not all that quick and can resort to fouling if he comes up against pace. See Zaha vs Palace as an example. Xhaka's agility is for sure, too high. A lot of Arsenal fans' (pre-Palace) gripes with him is that he slows down the play far too much and turns slower than prime Mertesacker. Bring it down to a 9 or 10? In my opinion Nicolas Pepe should have a bit of a higher rating in free kick taking. Admittedly he hasn't scored loads of them, but the two he scored in the Europa League were of a better quality than that of an 8 rating. I'd push him up to into parity with the likes of Xhaka and Lacazette who have 13 and 11 respectively. Gabriel Martinelli could do with a bit of a boost in a few areas. Crossing, Finishing, Passing, Anticipation, Balance to name a few. Also a potential boost? He's a 2.5/3.5*. Lift that to a 3/4*? I can see how he has been hard to rate though, after coming from nowhere. He also just wears Martinelli on his shirt, not the full Gabriel Martinelli that comes up in the tactics screen. Maybe a bit of a boost in leadership for Bellerin and Aubameyang. They're currently set at 4 and 6, and while I agree they've not shown amazing levels they could be in the range of say 9 - 11, based on other players in the squad. Otherwise I'm very happy with the Arsenal ratings. The researcher has our lack of determination down to a tee and the personalities are spot on.
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