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  1. Great save!, I'm 6 seasons in with Posh as well, I sold Ivan Toney for £12m to Leeds!, I've tried to add staff with good personalities like you did!...currently floating around the top of the Championship pushing for promotion!, but started a new save so playing that a bit at the moment!.
  2. Also what are the imploc implications of having low Adaptabilty?, what would it affect most?, Team Cohesion and Morale?
  3. Well I always give myself 1 in Adaptability maybe that would explain why I struggle the first season What do most people give for Adaptability? I never valued this attribute, perhaps I was wrong
  4. Quick question regarding Adaptability. Is it relative to the nationionality of the manager or the language the manager speaks. Example I'm an Australian Manager is England considered a foreign country although there is no language barrier.
  5. I cannot say I'm enjoying FM20, I think the match engine from FM17 was pretty good and I enjoyed FM17 the most. FM20 probably looks the best and has some really nice features. FM17 for ME, and general balance of Enjoyment. So out of the last few iterations I'd say FM17, FM16, FM19 would be my top 3.
  6. Thanks, definitely need some luck in this save!. Terribly, incredibly frustrated with FM20 so far hopefully, I can manage to keep my job through this injury crisis and turn some things around!
  7. September 19/20 It all started off promising, Two wins to kick off the month a well fought draw against Port Vale and a comfortable win against Newport County seen us 3 wins out of 4. With players returning from injury I thought I could really finally see this team in ful strength action, well I was wrong....as we just incurred more injuries. Tom Parkes returned from Injury as a much needed Center Back as 35 year old Gary Warren and Pierce Sweeney who is a RIght Back have been paying the Center Back role while Tom Parkes and Aaron Martin have been injured, but Tom Parkes got injured
  8. August 2019/20 With a load of injuries, and our two starting Centre Backs injured for the next few weeks, the beginning was always going to be tough...and it was. Ryan Bowman hit the ground running scoring 2 goals against Macclesfield Town and then went missing for the next 2 matches as struggled to break down a stubborn Stevenage and got pummeled by the superior Championship side Brentford in the EFL Cup. We were clearly so far out of our league in this match with former Exeter City youth prospect Ollie Watkins causing us all sorts of problems on the left wing. We gave away a
  9. PRE-SEASON Pre-Season went relatively well results wise, it was a good chance to see the squad in action and try to find a formation for the season, tho it didn't come with some frustration as we suffered some injuries very early in the campaign. The two Centre Backs Aaron Martin and Tom Parkes are both going to miss the start of the season with Lower Back stress Fractures, and young prospect Jack Sparkes is out with a groin strain. Lee Holems and Nigel Atangana were already injured when I arrived. The depth of quality within the squad is not fantastic so this hurts us for the
  10. Is this still a known problem, as I cannot seem to post an image bigger than this example below?
  11. Incredible achievement with Rotherham! How do you get your pics to that size?
  12. how do i change the size of my pictures?, every screenshot I take posts as the same size?
  13. This is a Monster save! How do you resist playing the newer versions of the game? and keep motivation for this save all these year on? I'll have to try and read this over a few days haha! Welldone!
  14. Thanks, I'm from Melbourne Australia so it's quite a distance from where I am!, really interested to learn more about the area and the club in general Thanks!, To be honest I had no idea also!, seems they have been lucky as there facilities in game are quite poor! Good luck at Brentford do you have a thread I could read about your save? It seems so, and hopefully a few more continue to come through then ranks! Cheers! Thank you all for reading!
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