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  1. Hi Ben, This was started in the beta but this session was started a few hours ago. Just re-started and issue is resolved - thanks
  2. Hi, I'm managing Bristol Rovers in league 1 summer 2021, just finished a season. Anyone that I try to sign that isnt a free agent I get the attached message. It means I literally cant register anyone for 6 months unless its a free agent, I can't see why either?
  3. I am seeing similar thing, i played a draft and now half the player screen tabs are missing
  4. Got the same issue, I didnt change skin but I did do an a fantasy draft
  5. Hi guys, I'm not massively into setting individual player training so I normally let my coach or assistant set that but they never actually train the players in the roles or position of my formation, they always just train them in whatever's their natural role. I stick to a rigid formation that brings results so I'd rather have the players learning the formation role (same in youth teams) Is there a way to change this automatically so my staff will train the players for my formation/role? I have a DM being trained DLP when the formation is RPM.
  6. Little bit late to the party, I'm playing with Bristol Rovers. Stuck on 27k capacity in PL/CL and have to wait 3 more years for a new stadium which is annoying. Which editor did you buy? I bought the in-game then realised I can't edit the re-built date?
  7. I recently signed a player on loan, he was in the squad for my first game. I didnt bring him on he hasnt got injured but it now says he's unavailable due to medical reasons but not injured or a reason for 10 months! the whole season. is this a bug or?
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