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  1. @Sanno11 Steveroy and Tash, sounds like a crimefighting duo . I love the little quirks in FM like an Antigua & Barbuda strike partnership, it really adds to the immersion! Nice world cup update
  2. FCUM Season 1: 2021 - 2022 Profile / League / Comps / Intake / Transfers A new challenge has begun, taking over with FC United of Manchester. I wanted to start somewhere with a better starting foundation, and the level of attendance and starting facilities for the Red Rebels meant that this was a perfect starting point. Having played through season 1 already, it was clear that the squad was of a decent level already, and we ended up finishing 3rd and went into the playoffs. In a match of few chances, Regan Linney scored for us on the counter and we saw the game out 1-0. Onto the fina
  3. Salisbury Season 2: 2022 - 2023 League / Comps / Intake / Transfers Another positive season in which we once again finished in a playoff spot, with slightly fewer points than last season. However, in the first leg of the playoffs our main right winger was injured so we had to throw in a youth teamer for his first team debut. What a chance to make himself a hero.... two yellow cards in the first half later and he was sent off . Needless to say we went on to lose. The intake was once again poor with no players able to go straight into the first team. We were able to upgrade the c
  4. Salisbury Season 1: 2021 - 2022 League / Comps / Intake / Transfers Very happy with this for a first season, as we ended up defying expectations and finishing 5th! We started with a decent first eleven but pretty much no depth, luckily we avoided any major injuries and things clicked very early on so we were able to carry the momentum through the season and finish in an excellent position. Unfortunately I think we ran out of steam by the playoffs and we lost in the first leg to Chippenham. Our intake seems to have a lot of potential, but these's only really one player who will
  5. Sacked from Rushden and Diamonds . Started well but injuries were brutal and we had absolutely no luck. Relegated in the end with 1 game left. Diving straight back in with another phoenix club, Salisbury
  6. So my Belenenses attempt didn't really work out, we were playing well but the finances were killer and I couldn't really get into the save. Decided to head back to England where I am much more familiar with the lower leagues. Starting this time with another phoenix club in Rushden and Diamonds, as I love the idea of a phoenix club going youth-only due to previous financial troubles . Many thanks to @DazRTaylor for posting his save file in this thread - saved me alot of time saving and reloading!!
  7. It's been a few years but I'm back into the challenge. Could not resist after being inspired by all your updates . HERE WE GO: New manager at Belenenses announced . Profile
  8. Hi guys, does anyone know the reload date to use in france in order to get different promoted teams appearing? I'm looking to start the challenge and I've been reloading for the 20th June but keep getting the same 4 teams. Thanks!
  9. Due to personal reasons I won't be able to play football manager for a while, so I thought I'd leave a quick update in this thread. We ended up making it to the playoff final and experienced one of the craziest finals I've ever seen. I'll post a full season update when I come back to FM, but for now I can enjoy our status as a premier league team without worrying about how we're going to get thrashed every game. Oh, and good luck to all those starting new games.
  10. That’s interesting. I guess I’ll have to wait until I get to the premier league as my facilities must not be good enough yet. Thanks for the info. Thanks. The finances are looking quite good at the moment, but only keeping them up due to occasional player sales. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one or two more improvements to my facilities too with the spare cash. @darren1983 unlucky with the sacking. The first few seasons are always the hardest and really tough when you lose key players early on
  11. Hereford Season 12: 2029-30 - 3rd in Championship Competitions: An unbelievable first season for us as we flirted with the promotion places and ended up finishing in 3rd. The league positions graph highlights how the season went, with an up and down start before we went on a fantastic run of form, eventually slipping up slightly at the end of the season. We went into the playoffs full of confidence and we faced Ipswich away in the first leg. For some reason though we just didn't turn up and they dispatched us 3-0. In the second leg we capitulated again and lost 3-0 at home. Terrible way t
  12. Anyone else had the issue where you don’t have an Under 23 team at all? When I started the save I thought we’d get one as we progressed up the league but I still haven’t got one and have not been able to request one. We only have an under 18 squad as well as the first team squad and this is getting quite awkward now as we’re in the championship now. Has anyone else seen this before and is it a bug? Can’t seem to find anyone with the same issue anywhere online. It’s not a game breaking issue but it is quite annoying for keeping up match fitness etc.
  13. Unbelievable. Currently in February in our first season in the championship and we’re fighting it out for promotion and in third place. The table is really tight at the top but the players just keep defying expectations. It’s definitely too early for us to get promoted but we’ll keep fighting to the end and whatever happens happens. Still amazed by where we are though.
  14. @darren1983 a belated Merry Christmas to you and everyone else too, good to have you back in the mix. Good luck! @fairsy congrats on staying up, now time to push on! @fabreth congrats on promotion!
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