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  1. I was just wondering why Tore Andre Flo is not a part of Chelseas staff in the game. He is obviously in the database, and he is literally right here?! https://www.chelseafc.com/en/teams/on-loan-players?pageTab=management
  2. Hehe, i just want him to be my leading midfielder. Right now my other midfielders are making more points than him. Lemar 10+12, Koke 14+8, Partey 12+4 etc.
  3. I'm currently managing Atletico Madrid, and so far it's going quite well. Although I think Joao Felix i struggling a bit, he is not having the impact on my team I want him to heave. I want him to live up to his price tag and the hype surrounding him. Therefor i was hopping for some pointers, which could tweak my tactic and improve his statistics. Or perhaps I'm just a bit greedy.
  4. I've made some tweaks to my tactic, and now it works great. Hardly concede any goals anymore, and just broke the record for Bundesliga with no conceded goals for ten straight games.
  5. Okay, I can post a screenshot later. How is your tactic going?
  6. Does anybody has any tips for a solid Bayern-tactic? I struggling a bit to be honest. Especially away from home. Currently using a 4-1-4-1 tactic with Robben and Ribery as Inverted wingers, and Vidal as BTB, and Thiago as OP. Anyway, any help or tips would be appreciated.
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