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  1. ok done it take a while but done, files named as "serie A nEU slot not get empty" and "cant choose nEU player bug"
  2. ok i did it i put the files on the cloud , it's still on Processing since five minute, it's right ?
  3. it's not all , it ask me to cnfirm wich of the transers i want to confrim as first, but anyway also if i made i choice, it doesnt take it, it does as it want, so i cant choice for real wich i want for first in the team
  4. no i sold it to an american club. other isuue, now i am in the new year , i should be able to finally play with that player, but is not available. the player is Pedrinho, brazilian. i bought other nEU player, at the beginning of the new market in first of july, he ask me wich of that player i want to use to ottemperance the rules, but there is not pedrinho, that, anyway, should be choose as first nEU player available automatically, but is like the system forget about him.
  5. i buy a nEU player . say, canoot use this player until next year or until a slot will be available. i Sell a nEU player that have not this kind of problem, so i free a slot, but anyway, the other player is not available. why? thank you
  6. Hi i did everything as told in , nothing work, i dont know how to share the saved games that doesnt work cause i had to save it on CLOUD CAUSE I CANT SAVE ANYMORE ON MY PC, SAY THE GAME CANNOT BE SAVED. please resolve these issues. happens that i was just passing from a thursday 19/12/2023 to the next day 20/12/2023 and the game crash, making crash also others program in the PC. i have 191.000 players loaded DxDiag.txt FM 2019 v19.0.3.1154375 (2018.10.27 20.14.56).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.1.1177438 (2019.01.21 13.58.50).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.2.1184534 (2019.01.30 16.12.28).dmp
  7. i noticed too many double men on the opponent, they left too much space ! and also, why put the var in fm that never go wrong, is a loss of time
  8. morale is closer to reality , in modern football is very important. what i dont understand is why since fm 2016 Maurizio Sarri always gonna get fired by Napoli. after 3 months, ba, fired. always. how ? one of the best manager of europe, always fired. cmon
  9. i am sorry to be so bad, but the I.A. suck.... how can i win ALL the game that i play 3-0 / 4-0 with Torino in the first season with the same players of real life, against all the teams ? i play with 4-4-2 and i win ALL the game, against any team. It's really strange
  10. About Perisic, hope you know Italian language, or try to use google translator: https://sport.sky.it/calciomercato/serie-a/2017/07/04/calciomercato-inter-live-perisic-medel.html https://www.foxsports.it/2017/07/17/calciomercato-inter-offerta-manchester-united-perisic/ http://www.fcinter1908.it/ultimora/in-uk-mourinho-e-scontro-con-la-dirigenza-dello-united-il-mancato-arrivo-di-perisic/ And they wanted Perisic not cause Martial had a major injury but just cause Perisic is totally superior to Martial, is a very tactical and phisical player. English soccer started to know what real tactics is just after coach that worked in Italy or that come form Italy start to coach in england. Maybe now in the next 4 year an english team will start to win again, as when there was sir Alex Ferguson, a God of soccer. When english soccer will fuse together is amazing phisical ability with real tactics, then none will be able to stop england teams. but this is another story. (In real life PSG can buy whoever they want! It's just a matter of money! They got Neymar for silly money! As I said, you need to post a bug report if you feel it's something wrong with the game. I can't let you know any clearer than that. Did PGS offer 30M for him this summer? Do you have confirmed reports of this? I tried to search, but only found some vague references in the press. So I can provide any evidence of this. Can you?) What player do you mean ? Rugani or Mertens ? if you speak about Rugani i didnt mean that in real life PSG offered 30mln, but in game, and Juventus sold him. this is impossible. Not for that moneys. The Mertens question isnt just about beta hombre, is about superficiality. One of the strongest european player and you didnt check his contract ? SEGA and SIC dont have Italian people that can chek it for them ? seems absurd. and if there is , he's not doing a good job.
  11. cmon XaW dont be silly, you know what i mean, i explained well in the other posts. it's all about the game, the superficiality that they are putting in it since 3/4 yer, every year they dont do nothing, some little adjustemt and it's all, share video of them that are improving graphic, why they never speak about a new and more complex A.I. ? cause is the same from always. did you read what i write before about robotic or you just gave a fast look to the post and then said "pff as usual" and wrote the first thing that as come throu your mind ? the fact is this, since years there wasnt improvement in this game. Not one. is always the same game. and by the way PSG can buy who it want, but is a lame team that spent hundred of millions in this years for nothing. and is under ranked from juventus. how does it possible that they can buy Rugani for 30mln ? is this a beta issue for you ? is all about thing like that, arent just beta issues, is a total indiffernce for the reality dynamics. And this should be verything for a management game.
  12. teknotel, oviusly a computer game will always be robotic, and ok that bigger team can buy easily some players, thx a lot. But see PSG that buy for 30 mln Rugani from Juventus or Manchester city that buy Perisic for 50 mln from inter after that they didnt want to sell it for that in reality to manchester united this summer, is very strange. Also the Mertens case is symbolic, means that there is superficialty in the dynamic programming. I repeat, use more time to improve A.I. instead of Graphic should be the best and only choice in a game like this. If they want to do a game like pes then just do it, i'm not a guinea pig that have to finance something for the next years, without having more or a better game. If i have to be part of this, they have to tell us. Dagenham, you answer is out of topic and is unsensate, i just like to see sport interactive just put more in the A.I. , and not feel the bosses cause they improved the graphic (and also they are improving it since 3 year and there no signs of getting real better, at this speed they'll always stay behind every other sport game). it's mockery, they just put some useless thing every year, some little improves, and then they sell it as gold. Is very strange. A.I. is the future for the games, every kind of games. You give me graphic, and then the game "think" as an "idiot", will give nothing in long prospective.
  13. i play FM since 2012, and i always loved this game. and i still love it, more than everything for is amazing database. But this year i really dont get your way to handle the game dynamic. More than everything the tranfers. If you are a team with a lot of money you can buy any player of the word. And you dont even pay too much for the TOP player if you are a team like, dunno , PSG. I am PSG ? perfect everybody will come to my team cause i m rich and famous. you put too much in graphic , that is almost useless, and totally avoid to perfect the transfers and managemets dynamics. MERTENS is an example. 30 MLN recurring clause... firstfirst is wrong the knowledge about the player, and this is bad, cause you have to be more close to reality as possible. in reality 30 MLN recurring clause start from the end of 2017/18 season. i Know it seem absurd to say, but you didnt put the "love variable" of a player. If i love my team in determinate condition, until that condition are still, i will continue to love that team and i wont leave it. EVERYTHING IS TOO ROBOTIC, so , why spend so much time on graphic and not on the A.I. ? no one care about graphic in a game like this, is football MANAGER, no PES or FIFA. It MUST be more close to reality as possible, for that we buy this game. Cause evrybody would like to do that job in real life, and we,d like to play a game that is more close to reality as possible.
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