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  1. guys, ok application for other team, and no, i never declined an offer, but is possible that the most winning manager on square never recive a call by big teams ?
  2. managing Bologna fc for 8 years, biggest database with all the leagues, paid 140k for week. probelm is that also when big team have no manager i do not receive proposal.
  3. ok thx, but the answer ? is possible this thing ? there are others post about this ? what say sport interactive about ?
  4. i have to say, the game is always beautiful, but, how is it possible that none wants me as manager? 5 champions league, 8 championship, all the national cup, third manager of all time, there is no team that ask for my service. never. and another thing. i give my player to a team. that player become the best striker of the championship, and they dont even do an offer for him when he come back. you have to improve this thing guys, is the same from years. is soooo boring
  5. This game has become boring. IS always the same since years. IS a DLC of a DLC. and we have to pay to be their beta-tester, every year. make me play for free, then i decide if buy it. the growing of the players have no sense. i win my champion ship with a porr team, where is my statue ? i am really disappointed
  6. man, this could be great, also the **** where after 24 years players start to grow up slower, have no sense. look at Caputo. this game is the same since years, this is the DLC of the DLC of the DLC
  7. As usual we are waiting, more than ever in this period where a lot of us are locked for quarantine, FM21. hope to play it around 8 of november. Now, my question is, WHEN YOU MAKE A BETTER TACTIC MODULATION ? i love the game, but the improvemnt about tact il so poor. I d like to put my player everywhere i want on the field. and give them a personalized option to where to move during the different game phases.
  8. i noticed too many double men on the opponent, they left too much space ! and also, why put the var in fm that never go wrong, is a loss of time
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