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  1. The rules of the regulations for the match indicate that I can use 0 players older than 33 years, it turns out a few of my players just sit out the application for the season and that's all, is this a mistake ?
  2. Good evening, again, want to ask a question about a refund. It is clear that I took the game on Steam, today, requested a refund, unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful, because the game was willfully more than 2 hours i.e. 5 hours, you can in any way help in this situation ? Thank you. Receipt attached below.
  3. Good day again, can I return the money for the game ? 6 simulated hours, while not 100% sure, but if the problem not solved, then no point in keeping her no thanks.
  4. Ay, why so long ? I know a lot of people and all that but the game is not small money, you will be asked to act quickly, thank you.
  5. Playing for Spartak Moscow, wanted to replace the player, but the game says error and gives the file path crash, it's not every time, but the last part was held much less how to solve it ? The crash file is downloaded. FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.07 21.49.20).dmp
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