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  1. There were lots of bugs but match engine was fine before update. Pre-update match engine was so good that it made me forget FM 20 match engine. After this update it is unbearable again.
  2. My friend and I are doing a Bundesliga save together and my player ratings are very low even though I'm at 1st seat. My friend says that his players have low ratings too. All my players have lower rating -7.0 if they don't score or assist. Is it because of my tactics or what? If they are this bad how I managed to be 1st?
  3. @Ben Kenney I had the exact same problem on my online save. 7-8 transfer were cancelled due to this. I uploaded my save. file name: (ONLINE.fm)
  4. Hi, After I finished the league in 4th place, I thought I had a successful career start. Things were not good in the Spanish Cup. I thought it was not a big problem. In the second season while I was in the 4th place again. I got questioned by players about underachievement after I was eliminated by PSG. Then board held a meeting and sacked me. After all this I rage quited and deleted the save and everything. Now I just wonder what you guys think about this. Was I that bad or there is something wrong with this?
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