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  1. I see, but for I've had several saves in say Hungary or Romania where the league becomes a cakewalk after a while, and my best players only played league games to keep fit. I'm pretty sure I've had a player or two win the golden ball with single digit league games played. And in these cases, league game stats are almost meaningless. Oh well. I think it's a shame, but it's understandable. I guess most people don't spend too much time looking at how their former players did last season for their third division side in the Romanian cup
  2. Anyone else having problems with "Reject all offers"? I've set it for one of my players, but the offers still seem to get through to me.
  3. I posted this in the bugs forum, but I got no answer, and I'm not sure it's a bug anyway. I'm a bit out of the loop, because the last FM I played was 16. I'm in my second season in FMT 18 (0.3), but I can't click the previous season on any any player's history, so I can't see continental, cup and international games (except the current season). Could someone tell me if this supposed to work like this? Or will it be changed in the final release? Thanks
  4. I like browsing player histories to see how my players have developed or how former players are doing with their new clubs. However, I can't seem to click the previous season to check the guy's detailed stats, so it's only basic ones, and only for league games. I didn't play FM 17, and I don't have FM 18 Classic, so I'm not sure whether this is by design or whether it's specific to FMT 18, but I'd like to know if it will be fixed later. Thanks
  5. I've tried the tactic and I like it so far, I only have one problem with it, and that's probably due to the shortcomings of my squad. My defenders are not particularly fast (around 10-12 pace and acc), and I keep seeing the ball lumped over them to faster strikers. I've tried lowering the d-line over the past two games and it's worked so far, but I don't really want to mess up the system. Do you think it could work in the long run?
  6. I'd love some historical statistics for competitions, for example the 50 all time top scorers in the Premier League, CL, etc. I'd also like it if upgrading the youth network was a bit easier, because I find it pretty much impossible to get any decent youth players despite having won 5 CL trophies in the past 7 years.
  7. It looks like I'll be stuck forever in my 22,000 seater. Maybe another 5 CL titles will convince the board though...
  8. I'm also having problems with getting a new stadium. I'm managing Haladás in Hungary, we've won 4 CL titles and a lot of other stuff, and the current 22,000 seater can't be expanded anymore. I kept asking for a new stadium, they always turned me down, and eventually the new stadium request option became unavailable. When I hover it, it says the board request is being actioned, and if I hover over the expansion request, it says that we're planning to build a new stadium. Unfortunately it's been like that for a year and a half and nothing seems to be happening. There's been no announcement, no progress bar, nothing. Does anyone know what's going on there?
  9. ^^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gareth_Keenan
  10. I'm trying it our on 11.3, and it seems pretty good, but I seem to have a recurring problem. If the opponent just dumps it down the wing, my fullback is usually nowhere around, so one or sometimes both of the centre backs move out of position to the side, leaving the middle open, and if they manage to cross it, it's pretty much a guaranteed goal. I've tried making the fullbacks more defensive by a couple of notches, but it didn't seem to help. Any recommendations?
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