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  1. Entirely out of my depth

    I think SI have entirely forgotten that this feature is in the game.
  2. Yep, to make it perfect would be if MK FA Franchise got relegated out of the league in a couple of years time.
  3. They did once. (over CM3). Anne Robinson gave them a good kicking.
  4. You wouldn't be able to qualify through the Welsh competitions anyway if you didin't have the Welsh league loaded.
  5. Zenit signing black players

    It took years and years before Everton signed a black player. Don't remember them getting banned.
  6. ••• FM 2011 Commentary Pack •••

    Also remember this is an English language only commentary. And English-English not American-English.
  7. ••• FM 2011 Commentary Pack •••

    Seafire, would you be willing to share your secrets about how you write these commentary files, or is there a tutorial somewhere that can be read? I'd like to try tweaking my commentary file, but there are things I don't understand. Like:- Can you delete events? I wanted to delete some but it caused the ME to crash. Can you add new events? What do all those numbers in the event config mean anyway? eg:- = 863, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1 > 10, 2000 ??? Thanks.
  8. I've checked this pretty thoroughly. It doesn't seem to be related to goals scored/conceceded. It does appear to be a bug whereby Attacking/Adventurous mentality is always displayed as Very Cautious. Although not at the very start of a new game. To be honest, the manager profile screen is pretty useless anyway and badly in need of an overhaul one day. It gives you useless information like "Coaching Style", which was made obselete years ago when they introduced Coaching Attributes. And there's a lot of AI manager attributes that it would be useful to see, like Directness, Width, Dirtiness, Tempo, etc.
  9. I tried manually changing Wenger's mentality to 20 with the FMRTE and it still displays "Very Cautious" on his profile, so thankfully it does seem that this is just a tolerable screen bug. It only seems to affect managers, not other backroom staff. I was starting to get paranoid and think SI deliberately put game-killing bugs in the final patch to force you to buy the new game... What do you mean about the incorrect tactical settings, crouchy?
  10. Yes, every manager with attacking/adventurous, after playing the game for a short while. I've just had a look at Wenger's attributes using the FM Real Time Editor and his attacking attribute is still 18 so HOPEFULLY this is just an irritating display bug.
  11. I've noticed in FM10 that after playing for a while every manager with either an "Attacking" or "Adventurous" mentality will change to "Very Cautious". Mourinho, Ferguson, etc. Eg: Wenger's preferred formation has changed from 4-3-3 as well but that might be a feature. His adventurousness in the database is 18. I hope this is just some sort of screen bug because it would be a very annoying bug if it's for real. Maybe it might be time I went and got FM11. Although, is this problem still present in FM11 does anyone know?
  12. I'm still on FM10. I don't like the changes in FM11; player conversations, match preparation, etc. And I'm happy with the way I've got everything set up on FM10. Skin, badges, logos. And I deleted Glenn Hoddle Academy from the database, heh.
  13. Real Chairman Implementaion

    Yeah, the only time I heard from my Chairman in 18 months was when he sacked me.
  14. Is there any way I can get a copy of these research guidelines? Sounds like an interesting read.
  15. cant rollback to 11.2.1

    This might be a dumb question, but you're not installing via steam are you? Steam will automatically update with the latest patch if you are.