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  1. There's a weird thing when I stop the mouse from moving CPU goes down but the moment I start moving it again it goes up.
  2. everything, from the logo appearing and clicking to trying to quit the game. But that's not what worries me, the CPU overload is what I'm hoping to solve.
  3. Recently, No. But if we talk about games that did the same problem, then two games did that and they are telltale games, Minecraft season two and the walking dead new frontier. Could my PC not good enough for it?
  4. I sended it, thanks for taking time to answer.
  5. Should I send it here or somewhere else?
  6. It's still slow but a little better than last time.
  7. Hi, I still have the problem with the full release.
  8. No, thank you actually for taking time to answer me. And I hope it gets fixed by the full release.
  9. Both actually, just after launching the game when the logo shows, CPU goes to 100% with the game being slow. Excuse my English, please. DxDiag.txt
  10. Hi, I have the same problem just after launching the game CPU goes 100%. I run the game in full screen and Windowed mode. I use IObit anti-malware plus advance system care.
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