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  1. Been relegated once in FM17 doing the Sir Alex Ferguson challenge with Stoke City. Finished 1 point behind 17th place and it was only confirmed on the final day... I didn't get sacked and managed to bounce back from the championship with automatic promotion and then establish then in mid table before giving up 5 or 6 seasons in. I've also been sacked once on FM19 as Western Sydney Wanderers. I finished 2nd in the first season and lost in the playoffs semi-final for the grand final trophy. Second season I had a rocky start and was sacked about halfway through the season sitting in 6th place out of the 10 teams.
  2. Yes, that is referred to as "Provides youth development information"? Seems like a rather misleading title. My Director of football wasn't just giving me information on the intake, he had actively shaped the intake with his terrible personality and stats which implies he was in control of the whole thing! I'd consider changing the name of this responsibility in the UI to "Brings youth players into the club" or something along those lines like every FM prior to this one.
  3. On youth intake day the preview was done by my director of football in my inbox, with him stating he had shaped some of the players with his personality! There is no responsibility in the staff section to delegate bringing new youth players into the club to a certain staff member like the old fm's, only signing new players for the future which I had assigned to DOF. I have now sacked my DOF and will never hire another one until this is fixed as I think what must of happened is it automatically assigned youth intake to my DOF even though there is no option in the UI for me to change that under responsiblities.
  4. Could we get any input from a SI employee if this has been fixed with the latest update? Still not on the changelog. I've now started 2 different saves that have run for more then a season after the beta and not one link on the pitch anywhere.
  5. Second season finished, I came 4th again by the skin of my teeth as it wasn't confirmed until matchday 37. 2 youth players made the step up during injury crisis this season and will be playing for the B team week in week out in the second division next season as they got promoted this year. Picked up Miguel Rodriguez from Celta's reserves for a measly 50k and he had a breakout year on the right covering for Inaki when he was playing up front or injured. David De La Vibora I picked up for an even smaller 4k! Has potential to be an incredible attacking wing back on my left hand side, set to take over from Yuri after next season as I'll be selling him in the summer/winter if any good offers come in or moving him on as he ages. Last but not least I have the aptly named Oskar Bilbao who looks to be the most promising regen through our own academy so far! Made a 45 minute appearance off the bench vs Real Madrid away and looked really good! Will be playing with the B team next season and I'm excited to see how he progresses into a replacement for Lekue.
  6. I am halfway through my second season with Athletic Bilbao and no player partnerships have formed anywhere on the pitch. I barely rotated in the first season and played basically the same players next to eachother every game, also I came 4th so I doubt it would be because they weren't playing well together.
  7. Despite Kodro's average stat distribution and poor debut season IRL he's been doing very good on my save and stepped up to fill the hole Aduriz left until I can bring a regen through, 1st season i sent him on loan to vallecano and he got the la liga 2 golden boot and this 2nd season he's 3rd in the golden boot race with 9 goals in 18 starts. Might of been worth keeping around! it's a lot harder to get results year 2 though, this time last year I was very comfortably 4th with 10 points seperating me from 5th, this year I am 5th with 1 point between 4th and 6th! As long as you get Europa league football you shouldn't get the sack.
  8. Pre-season done and all attempts to get Merino ended in failure as he and Sociedad wouldn't budge. Setlled for Moncayola from Osasuna, will rotate with Benat this season and take over next season with a youth DLP stepping up to backup, not sure which one yet as Sancet has generated with very low determination on my save and not improved from mentoring so looks unlikely to be La Liga capable. Unai Vencedor has 3 and a half gold star potential on my save so most likely him. Aimar Oroz and the young Alaves right back whom i've forgot the name of both generated with extremely low determination ( 4 and 5 respectively) and weren't mentored by their clubs in the first season so I'm not going to make a move for them, very annoying as I'm stuck with Lekue on the right until I can afford Odriozola or get a good regen as there are no worthwhile upgrades. (sold de marcos to china) worried about this season being a slip to Europa league as I feel Benat aging and our top scorer Aduriz missing are going to hurt us as the youth aren't quite ready to step up yet. Absolutely terrible youth intake first season too with the best prospect being 2 and a half gold stars...
  9. Summary: Description of Issue: My captain inigo martinez has just popped up in my inbox telling me I have more time to keep the promise of qualifying for continental football since we came so close, I finished 4th. Steps to Reproduce: Load the save and Inigo Martinez's message will be in the inbox Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Athletic.fm
  10. First season done and dusted and finished very comfortably 4th but understandably still miles behind the big 3. I beat Barcelona on match day 36 to ruin their title hopes which was a bonus though. The highlight of this year was the two oldies in the squad putting in incredible years. Aduriz finished top Spanish goalscorer and second in the Pichichi at the ripe age of 40, meanwhile Benat finished second in the best player award behind Messi! Benat's been incredible as a DLP (S) constantly over 90% pass completion and popping up with long range goals every few games. These two are going to be very tough to replace. Benat is staying on for one more season but Aduriz has been released. Kodro won La Liga 2 with Vallecano and finished top goalscorer so I'm going to give him a go in the first team next year as rotation with Villaibre while the youngsters develop. Got Rodrigues coming in to replace Balenziaga and Olazabal for Herrerin who both want new challenges. Going to try unsettle and snag Merino in the summer to replace Benat long term. Squad stats:
  11. Raul Garcia is just garbage it seems no matter what role you play him or where on the pitch, which is sad because he's been great for Athletic IRL over the last few years and still has great stats and personality at the start of the save. I had filling in at AM (S), SS, DLF and DLP off the bench and he never had one good game. Sold him to Mexico in January paying half his massive wage just to get him out of the squad because his physicals were plummeting for me too and Unai Lopez does a much better role coming in off the bench.
  12. Thanks for the input I'll be setting mine up like yours, using the c team as a dumping ground for rubbish players is a smart idea, and will let all my good prospects and first team fringe short on match fitness get more playing time.
  13. Started a Bilbao save this year as I've always been a bit of a Mourinho and never took youth development seriously with my own academy products so I feel this will be a good way to force myself to learn how to develop and use them lol. I've just entered the January transfer window and i am comfortably marooned in 4th position, 7 points clear of 3rd and 5th. I seem to be able to take the game to everyone below me on the table home or away but I have lost all 3 to the "big three" although all 3 were away from home. I have not really used any youth other then the young players who're already established in the first team, no European competition means the first team depth has covered me. I noticed in your squad review you noted Aritz Aduriz may be over the hill this season but he's still got it for me, sitting 2nd top scorer in the league on 10 goals in 15 starts, going to miss him big time when I release him at the end of the season! Villaibre does give me hope though as he has scored 6 all off the bench so he may become a good starter. Now if I may ask how have you set up responsibilities to managing your B and C teams? Do you delegate anything to your staff? I'm kind of overwhelmed at the thought of hiring and firing staff, players and doing contract renewals for all 3 teams. I'm usually in the prem where the under 23's and 18's are fairly straight forward. Is there anything I can safely delegate without messing up youth development too bad?
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