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  1. Good thread, liking the presentation & I have a soft spot for Hertha as an Aussie due to Leckie playing for them!
  2. FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Playing as Valencia right now, sitting in 4th January 2018 with victories over Barca and Atletico being my highlights with Sevilla 3 points clear at the top! Transfers in so far have been; - Matheus Fernandes a Brazillian wonderkid for 5.5m who is doing a great job in the BBM position of my midfield. - Juan Bernat returns to the club in the summer after Bayern transfer listed him for 10m, too good an offer to pass up! - Erik-Palmer Brown in on loan due to an out which I'll move on to. Transfers out; - Garay to a Chinese team for 10m, he had just come back from a knee ligament injury and his physicals are starting to decline so I thought I'd move him on while I can recoup this much money on him as Paulista and Murillo were my first choices. - Parejo for 25m because he was destroying morale in the dressing room over a move to PSG because he wanted their big wage. Really didn't want to lose him because his wicked set piece ability and being at the club for so long but 25m is pretty good for someone unsettled I guess. - Orellana on loan to Everton with a future fee of 5.5m and wages covered, he wanted first team football and Rodrigo/Pereira plus the mestalla kids were always going to start ahead of him. Now looking to replace Parejo with a long term option as I opt to play Soler higher up in the BBM role of my 3 man midfield. Vuckevic from Braga is my current target. Star players have been Guedes & Parejo before he left, both carrying the team. Zaza has been disappointing having only scored 4 in the league & Mina has only scored 1! Rodrigo has bagged 7 mainly playing as an inside forward sometimes shifting into the centre so I am happy with him. Overall I think Valencia are a great long term save in La Liga as both IRL and in game they really seem to have sorted their s*** out finally. I would advise going for 1 up top over a 4-4-2 like they play IRL though as with 1 or 2 additions to midfield you have a very strong engine room indeed.
  3. This guy among 5 others played for me last season, after I released him he didn't appear in my outs and it doesn't say I released anyone in the transfer window tab. Happens in every save and at every club.
  4. Really enjoying this series mate, I managed Solihull as my first journeyman job myself & did a lot worse then you if it makes you feel any better. Lost 8 games on the trot, 1 goal for and 20 against, sitting in 22nd when I got the sack in December. the goals conceded aren't your tactics mate it's the defense, they're absolutely rubbish and both the young GK's just aren't up to par! Now at Wealdstone for season 2 after taking the rest of season 1 off and top of the league after 12 games so always a silver lining I guess!
  5. Exact same problem mate, just put up a thread also. Hopefully it is hotfixed soon as we literally can't start a game at the moment.
  6. Can't create manager

    Once I type my name, choose nationality and fill out everything else the button to choose appearance still remains greyed out and I can't progress. Literally game breaking. Anyone else having this and fixed it?
  7. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    The 2016/17 season is missing from many players, aswell as all of the clubs histories. The visual graph that shows recent league finishes on the club page skips straight from 2015/16 to 2017/18 when you finish the first season. Abraham Majok & Lachlan Scott, two youth player forwards for Western Sydney Wanderers last season who played in the Asian Champions League, both have very low PA & "way off first team" level CA. I would suggest they are slightly bumped up, more so Lachlan Scott as he has played for the Australian youth squads and scored in the champions league & domestic league last season. Western Sydney Wanderers also already play at their new stadium when it isn't due to be completed and usable by them until the beginning of the 2019/20 season. They currently play at Spotless Stadium, with ANZ Stadium used for derby matches.