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  1. Just found this bizarre, been offered to hire Lopetegui as a goalkeeping coach by my staff and he has indeed been unemployed since Real Madrid and apparently more suited to being a goalkeeping coach then a manager? Doesn't seem right. Should of returned to management.
  2. You're right, after doing that it's fixed. Thank you for the excellent skin
  3. Hi that 1.3 update doesn't work on the full patch release, it's back to doing the scouting in progress bug for me. A fix would be amazing.
  4. Is central play any better? I'm not daring to switch back to a 4-2-3-1 until it's fixed. Been forced to play relatively direct football with 3 at the back or two strikers and while it wins it's ugly and I would like to go back to playing nice football.
  5. Falcao with 17 penalty taking, 17 finishing and 17 composure has missed 3 of the 5 penalties he took this season before I took him off them for good. PKM's attached. It seems to be a problem with keepers being too good at saving them, unrealistically good. Falcao pen miss.pkm Falcao pen miss 2.pkm Falcao pen miss 3.pkm
  6. Thanks for your help. I have a PKM attached where it happens. Check out Jovetic's goal at the end of the half, Golovin has a long range strike that hits the post which Jovetic taps in and the goalkeeper just runs towards the post like an idiot. Lyon v Monaco.pkm
  7. Hi mate I can't find the save match button on FM19.
  8. As the title says, goalkeepers don't play any animation in 3d when the ball hits the woodwork, they just run towards the post it hits and freeze for a second or two. In every other FM they would usually attempt to save the shot. These aren't shots going miles wide these are long rangers that they have plenty of time to see coming.
  9. Surely has to be a bug, just makes no sense whatsoever to have your center backs on halfway as the default. Annoying to have to go in and change it everytime you create a new tactic.
  10. I don't know, I was playing a direct counter attacking 4-4-2 and lost/drew many matches 0-1,0-2, 1-1,0-0. Hovered close to the relegation zone before christmas. I then switched to a more gegenpress 4-1-2-3 style of play and although early results were average, after the winter transfer window & break where I brought in a pressing forward with amazing physicals for my division (3.bundesliga germany) and did plenty of tactical work to get the familiarity maxed out, I have come back from the winter break to 5 wins and 1 draw with 12 scored and 1 conceded, the striker involved in most of them. I think it is situational on the personnel more then anything. Atletico & Valencia have the perfect players for a counter-attacking 4-4-2.
  11. Same for me, reserve players match sharpness stays 100% even if i dont play them all season. If someone gets injured match sharpness drops but once it goes back to 100 it stays there.
  12. Just a quick suggestion too for full release, I believe a few members of the WSW youth are very underrated after their performances for the Joey's and in the NYL last year. I believe Tokich and Krozos should definitely get PA buffs to become eventual first team members. John Roberts is regarded as a big talent too. My reasoning proof, as stated above is the fact we won the NYL grand final beating out Melbourne City's youth, which have been very well rated the last two FM's. Also, Grozos, Tokich & Roberts doing well for the young socceroos.
  13. Big question is Man United still overpowed with Mourinho staying for 10+ years winning everything?
  14. Marcelo Carrusca is still contracted to Western Sydney Wanderers in game until the end of the 2018/2019 season, in reality he has been released by the club the end of the 2017/18 season and is now a free agent. Unfortunately I can't seem to find an official announcement but there's this article https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/adelaide-united-fans-favourite-marcelo-carrusca-is-considering-playing-npl-in-sa/news-story/ddadfb6f067261cc4c869b6e51e63d04 and I'm sure the club could be contacted to verify this info. Vedran Janjetovic is contracted until 2022. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/vedran-janjetovic-resigns-western-sydney-wanderers-aleague-deal 2 Determination for Josh Risdon seems extremely low, considering he's the Socceroos first choice RB. Tate Russell is a right fullback, not midfielder.
  15. First season with Rangers done, winter update database. Season 1 wrap: League - Runners up to Celtic, short stretch around Christmas where we were in 1st and doing well but they pulled away in the last few months as injuries & fatigue caught up with my squad and we started dropping silly points. Scottish Cup - Knocked out in the semi by Aberdeen in an appalling performance where they went a man down and we conceded 2 goals, then captain Wallace got himself sent off 10 seconds into the second half to kill the game. This coincided with an end of season dip in form with saw us lose 3 of our last 4, luckily the title was already well wrapped up. Betfred Cup - Penalty shootout win over Hibs, this trophy may of well saved my job this season. Schedule: Europe - Europa playoff defeat by Fenerbahce, never looked like going through. Transfers & First team/Tactics Andrija Balic was where all the money went, as I was planning on playing a 5-2-1-2 or 4-2-3-1. Both tactics gave me fairly average results early in the season & I ended up playing the 4-4-2 and 4-2-4 for 3/4 of the season so was a bit of an average signing. He still averaged just over a 7 playing mainly as the holding midfielder, occasionally going box to box, but only 1 goal and no assists. Others are youth prospects. Niko was sold to the MLS as he's terrible, Dodoo, Halliday & Holt were surplus & never going to get a game in my 4-4-2, rest were youngsters. Tactic: Worked fairly well, starting on standard and going to counter or attacking based on how much was progressing. Attack was excellent, Morelos was a real standout notching an incredible 48 goals in all comps with Kenny Miller managing to stay injury free & play almost every game at 38 providing plenty of assists and goals himself. Defence was the problem, leaking a huge amount of goals towards the end of the season. I will be looking to sell off: Halliday Holt Foderingham Kelly Alves Hodson Dodoo Herrera. A new top class goalkeeper & 3rd choice CB to rotate with Mcrorie/Cardoso, aswell as a more well rounded right back, should hopefully shore up the defence enough to snatch the title back from Celtic next season.
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