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  1. FM11 - Continental Dominance Challenge

    I'm going to have a go at this challenge now, great idea AcidBurn!
  2. Around the World unemployed!

    Ah thanks pompey13, much appreciated!
  3. Basically I want to start unemployed with past experience of 'Sunday League'. My aim is to try and get a job and just get better and better moving around the world in different leagues for jobs. But, which leagues do you recommend that I load? and how many? Since i know that if i load too many the game will get increasingly slower as time goes on! Also any tips/suggestions?
  4. Thanks Intercept! I already offloaded Henry to Chelsea for £15m and brought in Lukaku for £9.5m and i'm also bringing through Thiago, dos santos and Busquets into the first team, so i may leave it for now and see how things go! Thanks alot for your help
  5. First season, i can either buy Torres for 65m or Fabregas for 65m - who should i sign!?
  6. FM 10 - Keisuke Honda

    Brilliant player, signed him with Bayern since i have always been a fan of him. I got bored of FM so wanted to play with my favourite players from the world cup, so i signed him for what seemed like an overpriced £13 million but i don't regret a penny of it. I put him on free kicks, encouraged long shots and used him as a box-to-box midfielder and he has become the main part of my team, scores goals for fun from 30 yards regularly, also always gets loads of assists and man of the matches, i certainly recommend him!
  7. Reinstalling FM on Steam

    Great, thanks a lot much appreciated
  8. Reinstalling FM on Steam

    Basically I have an error when I go to access Data Editor, it says 'unable to access essential data, please ensure that the game is installed correctly.' Ive looked for solutions but the only option seems to be to unistall then reinstall the game. Would I need a new activation code or can I use my original one? Many Thanks in advance
  9. [10.2] - Selling players for huge fees

    I think this bug is good, I always get charged double maybe even more for the value for some players so by selling them the same way evens it out.
  10. Second season money...

    I know it depends of league and cup descions but has anyone had any board injections in first or second season? Also what teams are given lots of money second season? for example Barcelona start with around £13m but in second season do they have much more?
  11. Takeover Problem

    Yeah, thanks everyone
  12. Takeover Problem

    I'm Leeds and I a consortium came in with an offer for the club and a transfer embargo was put on. The takeover hit rocks twice but came back on, now 7 months later the transfer embargo still hasn't been removed an no talk of the takeover apart from on boardroom it says the talks are continuing. Will the transfer embargo ever go? is it a bug?
  13. FM10: Official Internazionale Thread – Home of Super Mario

    Wow great Swisso, keep us updated
  14. FM10: Tottenham Hotspur - Come on you Spurs!

    Miguel Veloso?
  15. To get rid of Geremi appoint him captain and then remove him as it, then try releasing him and then leave him in the reserves for a week or so before offering release again and when the board don't accept his release offer him termination and he will go