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  1. Apologies if this has already been covered. I had a deal lined up for Sime Vrsaljko, and was 2.5m short of the full transfer fee, but had a surfeit of about 200k in my wage bill, yet I wasn't given the FM17 option of adjusting the wage bill to cover it and I couldn't manually adjust it as deals were in play. The deal fell through because of it, then I was able to free up the funds - but the player then had the hump because of the deal breaking down last time. Is this a bug or am I just really bad at maths?
  2. RossitersCooking

    Selling players bug

    I'm managing Wrexham and am having similar problems. I get that some players have just joined but I can't offload anyone, seemingly regardless of how long they've been there, and because Wrexham don't have an under 23 team (is that a bug itself?) I need to loan young players out but am drawing a blank there, too. None of the selling technique I've used over the past few years are working.
  3. RossitersCooking

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Noticed the same thing with Wrexham in the Vanarama, Olly. If I don't give my 19-year-old hot prospects game time soon they'll start wandering the streets of Wales getting up to god knows what - especially as I can't get a single club to take any of them on loan.