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  1. I would say the space between your wingers and fullbacks are the main problem. It doesn´t mattter if you play with 4 och 5 atb. If you put your winger on support or in the ML/MR slot with an attack mentality you will prevent the crosses from wingers and fullbacks.
  2. I belive the targetman is as best with a strikerpartner in a 4-4-2 formation. In that formation you have plenty of wide crossing options. If you play the targetman in a supportrole you will ned a striker beside him who offers runs in the channels for flick ons and through passes. Flexible and standard. TI: be more disciplined, hold your positions and hit early crosses. Just keep it simple.
  3. Is it possibli to play a possession bases game with 4-2-3-1 and these roles and instructions? Flexible and standard or controll and structure. TI: pass i shorter, be discipline, stick to positions and press more PI: Non Roles: F9 Winger (A), Offensiv playmaker (S), Winger (A) [OM position] Central midfileder (S), Deep lying playmaker (D) [MC position] Fullback (s), central defender (D), central defender (D), Fullbak (S) Goalkeeper (D)
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