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  1. yea, lets unlock that potential! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> What? I have a 64-bit CPU with 64-bit Windows, and it's working god-like. But, to refer to this topic, here are things I personally suggest: In common sense, I am mostly oriented to ideas that improve interaction between people. It seems to me that interaction, in real life, plays an incredible role. Before I actually continue with "ideas", I am guessing that in this "new version" unbalanced transfers, and bunch of little bugs like closing down, team talk efficiency, and so on, are fixed, and work like they worked/should work (Just yesterday I saw something really stupid: A player valued 20 mil, and with 75,000 week sallary, refused a 3-year offer for 340,000 per week with 50k appearance, and goal bonus likewise with +25% sallary bonus, and extra fee of 12 mil, saying that "The offer is insulting, and below his profile." Now that, you have to admit, is stupid. ) 1) The team talk should not be cut depending on the situation. There are moments when I'd choose "Show encouragment", but instead, it's written "Warn against complacency." These two are absolutely different sentences with absolutely different meaning, and it's rather absurd that the game "grays out" any talk option, because I find myself in hundred situatios where I'd choose something that's usually available, but now suddenly isn't. Also, I'm specifically pointing at "Why can't you play like this every week?". This sentence was different in last version. It said "I want you to play like this every week." The meaning of these two sentences is absolute opposite. The first one technically says "See, you guys can actually play good, and why the hell aren't you playing like that every time instead of playing like crap?", while the second one generally means "This is the play I want from you, that's the right thing!" Which is basically a very positive statement. But, magically, the first one excluded the other one, and in the end, it covered all those talks I wanted to say, but couldn't with the last version sentence, but also opened all those for which I said the positive sentence. I can't seem to understand why can't you have exactly every option available at any time. Speaking of options, there should and must be more of them - and some nasty one aswell. For example, many players encounter team that they hate. Having a sentence "I want you to anninhilate them on the field." pretty much covers our incredible desire to beat, and destroy some team (EG. Celtic player vs Rangers), and does a very interesting effect on the players, and the game, instead of "I expect a win." Which is lifeless, and presents an authoritive approach. So my suggestion is, for the sake of several hundred kilobytes of programing code, REALLY expand the talks, cover a lot of emotions, exclude the graying-out, many players want to feel a thrill when playing, and a lot of such thrills are cut! 2) There should REALLY be a player interaction. Not just that dumb "Suggest a player" or "Praise him", but actual interaction - like - I have Riquelme in my team. I love him as a player. I adore his game. And I really want to be able to say to him, privately, for his ears - for example - "Tell Riquelme you are very pleased with his play, and that you encourage him to keep up the good work." or "Tell Riquelme you absolutely love him as a player, and that he has your full support." OR, "Ask Riquelme if he'd follow you if you move to another club." If a player loves you, he might then have ability to present an ultimatum, for example, News: "Riquelme announced termination request if Milan sacks John Doe. He says: If our manager leaves, I'll follow him.". Things like that. It's really sad when you can't show your joy, and when players are nothing but players. Also, it's a bit dumb when you, for example, leave a club. It's like as if you never ever had that player with you, anyway. 3) I also suggest improving the player/tactic relationship. For example - as seen by tests - I play with the same team in Real Madrid for 4 years. Then I switched to Barcelona, and bought all players I had in Real Madrid, and set absolutely everything the way it was in RM. Suddenly, they all played as if they met each other - and me - for the first time in their life. Also - if you have an Eduardo - Klasnic duel in your attack, and they also play duel attack for their country, they should work far better than two strikers that see each other only during country games. I thought of installing an inside application that measures how well each player plays with someone else, on, I don't know, 6-star range, with 1 being impossible, 2 somehow, 3 normal, 4 well, 5 excellent, and 6 born to play together. That could also be linked to player interaction, so that you can ask you player who do they think they play best with, and further have a better and more realistic sight into the game. I didn't notice such behavior in FM, I think it's a horrible miss, and that's why I'm typing it. 4) What I do want to suggest is NEVER change the pitch view. Screw that 3d or what-not-crap, people asking to see each manager behave on the pitch, and what-not, just work on the intelligence on field, and that's the key success. 5) An option to simply be able to view all players loaded in game via search for player, because it's really annoying, and dumb that I can't see some Bolivia player in search form, but if I go to their country, and select that club o' theirs, I can normally view players. Yes, it has to do with scouts, but for the sake of some who spend hours doing something that takes years for scouts, just make that option. Oh yes - and return huge or even maximum database. What's the point in excluding that option? Or if you don't want to put that, make an option to load players from all countries, instead forcing me to click again and again and again at every damn country. Following this, there should really be more options - Other games have 5 or more gigs. Some 8. Your game has 700 mb. All you can offer are options, and connections, and a load, load of text - so what you should do is offer even more options, and a load load load of text. For example, why the hell can't I select more than one favorite club? It's just dumb. If you like two or more clubs, liking that club, and showing that you love that club during game also upps your chances of managing it, so having one club selected is just lame. Same goes for other options. Why is that I can't load game during match if I want to load it? There's no reason for graying out the load option. Instead, if I want to load a game, I have to wait all 90 minutes, then process the game, and then reload. Or, why I can't save team selection? If I have different team for Champions cup, and different for league, I am forced to deselect all players from the squad, and select others every time before match. It's just boring, and time-consuming. Instead, just program a little add that allows us to save team squad, and then we just load the team, and replace all those that are error (If some are injured or alike). I can't remember of anything else - My whole point is - just make more options.
  2. Personally, I'd like to see a better interaction with players.(The reason is coming from the fact I'm a hardcore roleplayer since I was 7 and FM is more or less a type of strategic roleplay.) I'd love to be able to, for example, click on player interaction, go to "Make a positive comment" and choose "Riquelme, you're my best man." Ha ha. I don't really think it should be as deep as "Riise, you have a nice face." but some more general thoughs like "I like the way you play, keep on training this good." or "I really don't like you but we need your skills." would be nice. I also think some more variety in team talk is needed. Sometimes neither of the options actually mean what I want to say. For example, if they played out draw and I expected a loss, if I'm pleased it would be more suitable for me to tell them "Good work" than "Sympathize", "Tell them you're elated", and so, because sometimes options I get are really dumb. I don't even understand why options are expanded or cut...well, that's it for now...hm...
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