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    Longtime CM lover during my teenage years, stopped playing at FM08 and after a 10 year hiatus I am back. Now have two kids and hold down a full time gig. Originally from Bristol, now living in Sydney Australia

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    Father, Cycling, FM Player, Sydney based Westcountry Boy


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    Cycling, Bristol City, FM

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    Bristol City

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    Man City
  1. This is slightly unrelated, but Cleon what highlights are you using during the game or is it 2D classic and again for when you are reviewing the game, what are you reviewing the match from, goals or key highlights etc?
  2. Looking forward to the rest of these posts, I have been struggling a little bit with taking the initial shell of this and trying to get it to work with Man City, I seem to be absolutely rubbish away from home currently.
  3. Been play Yaya Toure in my Man City save on the beta. Early days but seems to be doing well. No backup in the City squad if he gets injured though.
  4. This has been a great read so far, it's been almost 10 years since I have played FM, looking at my Steam account 08 was the last copy and I gave up as I always struggled with tactics, prior to that was a keen CM user and fan. Using the 18 beta and keen to invest the time into the tactics and really understand them more, so this initial guide has been awesome and I need to start reading your blog. Cheers
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