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  1. I am using "Squad Registration Date Range". The problem is, when the Deadline comes, the game doesnt notify of the deadline date is due.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_AFC_Champions_League they have score to calculate that. I think AFC in FM does use some sort of system to calculate the score and to decide how many club in a country qualify for AFC, and you need to win more to bring the score up. But as fall as i know, SI doesnt let us to see what is used to calculate the score Indonesia currently at 20.372 point, So you need to win more cup to bring that score up
  3. but not in league though, you cant just buy a player for only Champion league. He obviously pisses cause not allowed to played much matches
  4. I just switch to Adv Rules, cause my friends told me that it helps to fulfill the condition of my new league but it seem I cant figure it out So my new league only allows to register 2 foreign players in the squad. But if a club in that league participate in Asian Champion league, it can register 1 more foreign player in the total of 3. I've been messed around with this: But when registration date comes, it still only allow me to register 2 foreign players. Sorry If my sentences is confused, English is not my first language
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