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  1. @Glenn Wakeford Got my saves mixed up earlier. Now Uploaded Marcus Reiner - Leicester -testimonial correct.fm . This save is on July 1st, issue shows up if you vacation or play till July 4th.
  2. @Glenn Wakeford i uploaded my current save. Marcus Reiner - Leicester - testimonial.fm This issue is in the inbox on the 4th of July 2020 on the save. I have a preseason save 30 days before the testimonial , if you want that one. (Uploaded yesterday for another bug. Marcus Reiner - Leicester EOS.fm)
  3. Bug: Andy Kings Testimonial, the team names are reversed."Chelsea honour King" /"Chelsea fans" / "against Leicester", should be reversed.
  4. @Rob Heckman Uploaded Marcus Reiner - Leicester EOS.fm around 30 days before, its in the off season, so should be quick to get to the season expectation. (23rd May to 24th June.) I have another save right after this happened, incase you want that one.
  5. @CJ Ramson I can confirm , removing the assistant added hard tackling fixes the problem.
  6. @CJ Ramson While i'm not using "get stuck in". The Assistant generated opposition instructions have plenty of hard tackling instructions. Would they be equivalent to "get stuck in" ? That could explain some of what i'm seeing on the cards front.
  7. First Season (Leicester) i qualified for champions league. Next season expectations 1. Premier league is considered "not important" 2. FA /Carabao cup expectations have something about champions league in them.
  8. I am not getting mails for the pre - match meeting to discuss tactics & opposition with the squad. I couldn't find a responsibility for this. I am using custom training schedules with a pre-match session on the day before.
  9. I'm not sure if this is working as intended , i had the "high profile" requirement for Miami (MLS). I could hardly find DP interested high - profile players, and when i did i ran into another bug where the player's agent refused to believe i could afford the salary (with $30m wage budget i could, player in question was Christian Fuchs.) The save was uploaded earlier Torres - Miami.fm . I have created a thread in transfers for Agent blocking the contract. The lack of High Profile players available shows up with a player search in scouting.
  10. Robert Levin - Nashville.fm Robert Levin - Nashville EOS.fm Uploaded to SI cloud. The first is my current save, with the Nashville II issue. The EOS file is in Dec 2019 before the expansion draft, i think the staff signing issue should be present.
  11. I tried a Nashville save. (starts in 2020) Noticed the following: 1. I can't sign staff till Jan 2020. I make offers but no one joins. 2. I got an option to create a B team. On selecting yes the Nashville II appears on menu below dev centre. It then disappears, and doesn't come back. 3. I am unable to sign a Head Coach for Nashville II. I have a job center ad, and tried the staff search. The issue is the applicants for Head Coach of Nashville II expect to sign as Assistant Coach of the main team. They refuse the B team Head coach job despite applying. 4. B team doesn't have any games.
  12. Faced that crash multiple times today attaching all the dumps. ftp filename /fm/game-save/monfc_crash.fm 23rd Aug 2017 canadaian championship v/s FC Toronto. crashes if i give a tactical briefing and later i see a screen saying "this is not a suitable time for a briefing" . Then it crashes on continue (before the team selection for the above mentioned match.) FM 2018 v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.02 14.41.11).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.02 14.55.11).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.02 22.57.45).dmp
  13. No custom skins. It crashes on the inbox. I get a error message for the pre-match talk a stadium background and a "this is not a suitable time....". It crashes after continue and also if i try to save at that point. I get an error message about a dump file being generated.
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