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  1. Manuel Jose is the other one pushing at the first team. Getting progressively more playing time and seems to have a really high ceiling. Will be pushing for a starting spot by next year I think...
  2. Bit of an update from me on the two most successful players I've had so far (4th season as Middlesbrough). Unfortunately haven't had any worldie's from my own academy despite throwing quite a bit of money at it but I'm hoping that it's just a matter of time Juan Marcos is apparently my key player after joining over the summer. I was a bit worried that I had been rash paying £43million for him as soon as I saw him but he looks to be turning into an absolute monster already and has two caps for Spain at age 18! Hurtado has really come on after featuring for the first team over last season and the start of this one. Scouts recon he's still got a good deal of untapped potential there so keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. Huddersfield, Burnley or Swansea for me
  4. Signed this guy up but unfortunately isn't coming until next year with the new EU rules. May have paid a bit much and not really a position I need but he's probably one of the best young players I've ever seen having just turned 17. Figured there would be no way to get him away from Barca later on so paid his release clause!
  5. Might have been mentioned earlier in the topic but brought in Lászlo Bénes first season as Middlesbrough and he's been a gem. Consistent first two seasons and he has taken it up a level for season 3. 6mill not cheap by any means especially first season but definitely worth it!
  6. Got a few others that might develop well but here's my top ones so far at the start of season 3. Most haven't been with the club very long so limited development so far... Seriously liking the look of the two Colombian defenders (Perez@197cm+92kg is just beastly) and got the feeling Adonis is going to turn into a bit of a god
  7. Francisco Trincão Bought from Braga at the start for 100k Thought he'd be an investment for the future but has forced his way into the first team after performing well in the cups and is playing a major part in Stoke's push for Europe in the 1st season - Steal Edit: Last 3 games of the season form was 9.0, 6.6, 8.8 with 3 assists - definitely part of my 1st team going into season 2!
  8. I've taken to employing two U23 GK coaches to get the best specialization in the 1st team. Not sure how much this will sting the U23s-time will tell....
  9. Yea, brought him in myself when Forster got injured for 5 months. Two injuries to Forster and Lemina for long term really screwed up my transfer dealings!
  10. Mario Lemina (sp?) had a great start for me as Southampton - damaged his cruciate after 3 games but had 3 goals and won Aug potm.
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