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  1. There was a feeling of Euphoria around the club after the Santamarina game. We had shut all of the haters up. We felt like nothing could stop us. I utilised the feeling of togetherness between the players and me, Vincent and Nestor devised an extra hard training plan for the week focusing mostly on tactics. To get the players more familiar with the system. We were very good but I wanted us to get better. We had a tough run of fixtures coming up and I had decided to focus only on football. No partying, girls anything like that. Our next game was against Riestra who were another very good side and I was very cautious. I didn’t really like some of the attitude from the players who thought they had already won the league because of the last game. We were only ****ing 8 games in you cocky bastards. Ferro vs Deportivo Riestra: This was at home. In front of our fans. The players were still in a good mood even though I wasn’t too confident. Riestra were sitting in mid table and they were one of the highest scoring teams in the division. The players were far to care free in my opinion and they wouldn’t listen to my attempts to calm them down. The pre-game speech was pretty simple, don’t be too complacent was the basic message with some swear words thrown in. The first half hour was pretty routine with both teams not looking particularly dangerous until Bochi took a long shot and Losa made an unreal save but Lammachia turned it in. Then the second goal came, in the same ****ing minute. The ball was played to Lucio from the kick off but he dallied on the ball for too long and he slipped which allowed their striker Benitez clean through on goal and he finished it amicably. I was too dejected for a half time and I was dying for a drink but I had promised myself to be more professional. **** it, if the players were not being professional then why should I. **** the *****! I emerged to the dug out 15 minutes late after downing a few tumblers of whisky and I found out that the score was still 0 0. More drab play and they eventually scored in the 89th minute. I just left the stadium. **** this ****! I didn’t go to training for the next few days. They had ignored me and it cost them. That baguette munching ****** Gilabert was slaughtering me in the press and my morale was shot. I struggled to get out of bed and I drank myself to sleep every day. I didn’t know a loss could affect me so badly. It got so bad that I went into the hospital. My kidney couldn’t take it. My drinking had bit me in the ass. I had to have a surgery and my whole body was in agony. The stupid ****ing surgeon hadn’t given me enough anaesthetic I had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks so Nestor and Vincent were taking charge of our games against San Martin and Quilmes. From what I had seen so far I was confident in their ability. They might even better than me. I was a ****ing drunk not a football manager. I felt like crying but before the tears came it all went black.
  2. Me Vincent, Nestor and Pablo were going over to the youth facilities, if you could even call them that. Ha! They were just two muddy fields conjoined with a little touchline space between them, the kids would do well not to get injured let alone showcase their talent. When we got there, Jorge Cordon our Head of youth development was waiting for us, a tall gangly man with a head of bushy hair and an awkward walk he looked out-of-place amongst the well-built young footballers. We sat down as he told us which players to watch and who we thought we should sign, they had already been training with him for about 2 weeks so he knew a lot about them. We would give the final judgement though so I told him to get them out and start a game. Immediately the right back caught my eye, by looking at the papers on my leg I found out that his name was Facundo Mendoza. He was a solid player and he wasn’t giving the left winger a sniff. I pointed him out too Vincent and Nestor and we decided he would get a contract. We didn’t even care what he did for the rest of the game. He was that good! The keeper was also pulling off some amazing saves. He looked assured and confident in-goal, his name was Leandro Valdes. These were the two that really caught my eye. I really didn’t think there was anything left that was very special so I asked the coaches to pick who they wanted. I had first team work to do. Apparently, they signed 3 more players other than the two I had pointed out. I was happy with that. The chairman had asked me to keep the numbers down because of the finances. I had gotten used to working at a small club. Enrique Cabrera, a quick striker who had scored a hat trick but had a lot to learn in the technical department. Juan Martin Paolorosso, an absolute beast of a centre back who was 6ft3 and only 16. He needed a lot of work but he had potential. He also needed a tutor because his mentals were shocking and Jorge warned me of his bad attitude. Lucio should be able to sort him out. Finally Damian Delfino. Right winger who was nothing special but he was a hard worker and had been decent at everything without being special in anything. I couldn’t say I was overjoyed by the results of the youth intake but I really wasn’t expecting much better. Why would good 15 and 16 year olds want to play for Ferro. Our facilities would help them in regressing not progressing. It didn’t matter now though, we were still in the Nacional B. It was time to focus on the real pressing matters though, the first team. We had a game against Estudiantes San Luis, we had just beat Mitre emphatically and I wanted to carry on the good work. I felt in the mood for something different from Coffee so I went over to a hipster place I had glanced before when driving. Juan’s Flavoured Teas and ordered a Peach Tea infused with green Apple granules. I told you I was in the mood for something different. I got my exotic Tea and sat down. I was just about to open my scouting notebook but I felt the presence of someone next to me. It was her. Again! The beautiful blonde I had met at the club was next to me. I was star struck by her beauty. She was wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt with some weird symbols on them. I think they were Chinese, or Japanese. Who the **** cared. They showed off her body perfectly. “I couldn’t bear it anymore, I’ve seen you like 3 times before and I still don’t know who you are” She said in a smooth and subtle voice that hypnotised me “Urrrm, believe me I’m not stalking. It’s just a pleasant coincidence. Very pleasant indeed” I was almost stuttering. I needed to get a grip or I would blow this. I didn’t want her thinking I was a freak. “So what brings you here?” She asked “I was just a bit tired of coffee so I wanted to try something different.” “This is my favourite place. Thinking of it. I think I’ve seen you before on TV. You’re a football manager aren’t you? One of those unknown lower level clubs” “That hurt a bit but I will let it slide hahah. I am indeed the Ferro Carril Oeste manager” “I don’t know who they are. That’s probably because I hate football though” “Really! Who hates football?” “Players are treated like slaves and the game itself is misogynistic and racist. Anyways it was nice talking to you but I have to go to work.” “Wait! Wait! How will I reach you again? I don’t even know your name!” “Who said you would hahaha. Have a good day” She giggled and she was off. What a disaster that had been. I was determined though. I wasn’t going to let her slip away. Hopefully luck took me to where she was again soon. Now it was time for Estudiantes though! Ferro vs Estudiantes San Luis: Estudiantes really were nothing special and I expected to beat them comfortably. They were one of these sides who were too good to go down but too bad to really challenge for promotion. Forlan was back fit and firing too so I was optimistic. The pitch looked lush and green and I felt buzzing. I think it gave the players a lift too because the atmosphere was absolutely brilliant in the dressing room. I didn’t feel the need to say anything special and I just told them to play their normal game and the result would come. We came flying out of the blocks peppering their goal with shots and looking threatening with every single attack. The stadium had given us a massive lift! The inevitable happened and we got our first goal after a few fancy stepovers from Vernetti bamboozled the Estudiantes lump of a defender which resulted in him hacking Vernetti down into the box. Forlan cooly dispatched the penalty and we ran back to the half way line without even celebrating. The second goal came about 10 minutes later with Lujan scoring an absolute corker of a long shot after cutting in from the left. From that point onwards, I asked them to sit back and just hit on the break. The rest of the game was pretty dull because they didn’t have the quality to break down our defence and we rounded of a scintillating performance with a beautiful counter attack which Dang finished off after a Forlan cross. I congratulated the players after the game and told them how much I appreciated their effort today and briskly walked out to the press. There was something I needed to tell them. “I’m not going to be taking any questions there is just something I had to say. I am the best manager in this division by a mile. Possibly even the best in the ****ing country. Screw you Marcelo Gallardo you fat twit!” I walked leaving the journalists in a state of shock. I had made a statement alright! Time for Santamarina. Santamarina vs Ferro: Extract from ESPN.com by Julian Gilabert: Santamarina vs Ferro. Possibly the biggest game in the Nacional B so far this season. Ferro has been storming opponents left, right and centre so far but this is the first real test of their title credentials. The Buenos Aires have not really played anyone good so far and Santamarina have been the best side in the division all season in my opinion. It also helps that Santamarina have the lovable, affable and down to earth Hector Aruzubialde in charge and Ferro have the cocky and larger than life Youssef Amin in charge. We all know who the villain is in this game. A game of many storylines and a game that could potentially decide the course of the season watch Ferro vs Santamarina on ESPN this Sunday. I would prove that **** with a fancy French name right, after we were done with Santamarina Julian would feel the need to stick a Baguette up his arse. “We cannot ****ing lose this game lads. You have seen the papers, we have been painted as the bad guys. Well I want you to relish that role. Play dirty and rough, tackle hard and score in any way you can. We have to ****ing win this!!!!” That should have them pumped up. We walked out to the hostile crowd at the Muncipal stadium. The place was packed out. It was a small stadium and the fans were very close to the pitch, I could hear the abuse ringing in my ears. The first half was very tense and both teams looked wowed by the occasion. There were barely any chances for both sides and it was a very edgy game. The 43rd minute, Forlan went over to take the corner. Items were being thrown at his head by the home fans and a coin even hit him square in the back of the head. He got angry and turned around to raise the middle finger to the fans and he floated a beautiful ball in. Dang rose like a salmon and powered the header into the back of the net. What a ****ing goal! Half time came and I was too nervous to give a team talk so I delegated the duties to Nestor who I knew was a very good motivator. What he said obviously worked because Forlan finished off a rapid counter attack and then proceeded to celebrate in front of the home fans. Hector the Santamarina manager who had been painted as an angel before the game was sent to the crowds for hassling the 4th official. Forlan then went and scored another goal, this time in our goal though. I guess he wanted to make it seem like it was a competition. Easy ****ing peasy. I walked into the press room immediately after the game and I just went and laughed in Gabriel’s face. Baguette munching ****! That would teach the press not to mess with me.
  3. After that encounter with the press I made the next few training sessions hell for the players, I needed something to take my anger out on. I wasn’t a no-good playboy was I, I was a decent football manager with tactical nous as the Moron game showed. That ****ing no good hack wouldn’t convince me otherwise. I wasn’t going to let them get to my head, I needed to remember my days as a journalist. I still knew the tricks of the trade and I could use that to my advantage. I went to the library because I needed a new book, I had finished Angels with dirty faces and I needed a new football book to expand my knowledge. I knew they had a football section and I couldn’t order it from amazon as it would take too long. I walked into the library and headed straight to the football section, where strangely I found two people looking for a book. I had been in here many times and I had never seen anyone other than me check it out, so I was very intrigued. They were talking to each other and apparently discussing Jonathan Wilson’s inverting the pyramid and Michael Cox’s The mixer, the taller one with glasses was saying that The Mixer was better while the shorter one was making a case for Inverting The pyramid. I couldn’t take it anymore I just had to go and talk to them, as I walked over to them they noticed my presence and almost simultaneously turned to look my way. “Aren’t you the new Ferro manager?” asked the taller one “Urm yeah, people actually know a team exists here?” “hahah we are avid football fans so we keep an eye out for any football, even lower league” said the shorter one “I was just intrigued because you seemed so knowledgeable and you don’t get that often here” We got into long conversation and apparently they were both Superliga fans who moved over to the country because they loved the league and they were also aspiring coaches. Vincent Guzman was a lifelong Argentinean football fan and one of the top correspondents on South American football, he was the older of the two and he had a continental B license coaching badge. He was a tall gangly lad with wavy blonde hair and purple glasses, he looked like your typical football hipster. Meanwhile Nestor Subiat was half Swiss half Argentinean, he had family over here and he was a Boca socio. He was a bit younger so he only had a National A license. Short and a very muscled with a very eccentric fashion sense, he had jet black and tanned skin. The two lads rubbed off each other perfectly. The discussion between us went for ages and hours had passed without me even realizing. They were very knowledgeable about the tactical aspect of the game and before I even knew it I had offered them jobs. They worked for 4th division side Sport Porvenir, but they jumped at the opportunity. I needed coaches and they would be a perfect fit, young football hipsters just like me and it helped that they were fluent in English. I ended the conversation and told them that we had a game against Gimnasia tomorrow, so we should meet up in the morning to discuss tactics and team selection, I would also introduce them to the worlds best bald assistant Pablo Ramos. I forgot to get a book, I was way too excited to read. Ferro vs Gimnasia Jujuy: We had just lost the last game to Juventud so we desperately needed a win to make sure that we didn’t slide down the table and lose our form. Me, Vincent and Nestor agreed that we shouldn’t change much without training the players before it and we obviously didn’t have the time to do it, only one significant change happened and that was Juan Manuel Garcia coming on for a knackered Forlan. This was going to be a test of our metal without our star player. Mena was also suspended for the game and 36-year-old Osvaldo Barsottini replaced him. The first half was very uneventful with both teams struggling to create chances, Gimnasia had a few half chances and we had none at all. The two strikers were being man marked out of the game and Lujan was having a shocker on the left wing. The only half decent player was Vernetti who was giving their left back hell. Vincent talked to the players between the half and Torres to man mark Distefano who was having a lot of joy in the half space between our defence and midfield due to them outnumbering us in midfield. We all agreed that bringing on another midfielder would make us to negative and reduce our already faltering attacking force. At least Forlan was coming on. The inevitable happened and their lumbering striker Del Cason scored for them, he had bullied the physically weak Barsottini all night and a goal from him was inevitable. We were missing Mena massively. I shouted at the players to concentrate and keep going but apparently it didn’t work as Gimnasia kept attacking us and scored again with a header by Manchot the centre back, once again a goal from a ****ing set piece. I kicked my water bottle angrily and it accidentally hit the back of Pablos head and it broke spilling water all over the subs. Nestor was telling the players to get forward but instead of scoring we conceded to a Prichoda counter attack with the final kick of the game. I went over and shook hands with their smug looking manager, he had completely outwitted me tactically and nullified our attack. I didn’t ****ing like being outplayed and there was a bitter taste in my mouth as I entered the dressing room. “ARE YOU A ****ING ONE MAN TEAM, ARE YOU ALL INCOMPETENT. NOT A SINGLE SHOT ON TARGET IN THE FIRST HALF WITHOUT DIEGO ON THE PITCH. YOU ****ING **** *****!” I stormed out of the room leaving the players looking shocked and even scared. I had never had an outburst of this scale and they were stunned by my other side. I went home humiliated and desperate for sleep, but before I went to bed I called Vincent, Nestor and Pablo, we agreed to meet up before training to analyse the game fully and use our Prozone system to see what went wrong. Yes ****ing Ferro had Prozone. First thing we noticed that asking Torres to man mark their AM indeed nullified him in the second half but that left a lot of space available for the left winger and the left sided central midfielder. You could see how free the space between the defence and midfield was which enabled the winger to cut inside, as for the central midfielder Torres marking the AM freed him up completely and he had a lot of time on the ball. 2 of the goals came from him starting the move and it didn’t help that he was their most technically gifted player. Another thing Nestor pointed out was how some players were too close together in particular the two centre midfielders, we discussed maybe changing one of them to a more attacking role to offer more attacking impetus. Lujan the left if was also too close to Dang who was asked to be a supporting target man and maybe that hampered the attacking play. The Gimnasia heat map showed how centrally oriented their play was and how they used the extra man to their advantage. The are we had highlighted earlier that was left free by Torres was also heavily exploited. We struggled to deal with their possession oriented play and we were running around like headless chickens. Our heat map showed how weak we were attacking wise and how badly we struggled for possession. Our danger was mostly limited to individual magic by Vernetti out on the right side and long shots from midfield. After brooding over the game we decided that maybe it would be better in games against possession based sides who are technically superior to us that we stick an extra man in midfield in expense of a striker. I also decided that Vincent would do specialized attacking training for a few weeks to ensure that the attacking disasterclass in the last game didn’t happen again. I didn’t go to training for the next few days until our game against Atletico Midre instead attending a coaching seminar held by Jorge Sampaoli in Buenos Aires, his ideas about how football should be played interested me greatly and I came back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Atl.Mitre vs Ferro: We needed a win to end our brief losing run and this was the perfect place to do it. Mitre was perennial relegation strugglers with a very small fan base, or as we would find out later no fan base at all. We were better than them in every aspect and I expected an easy win. Forlan and Mena were back in the team which was also a massive boost and it was the legend Forlan who opened the scoring after 30 minutes had gone in front of 324 away fans. Yes there wasn’t a single Mitre fan and it was an eerily quiet stadium we were playing in. Half time came and went without me feeling the need to say anything to the players, they knew what to do. Navarro added to our lead with an absolute scorcher from long-range after a long injury layoff and I called for Valenzuela, our resident wonderkid. I felt this was the perfect game to give him some minutes and my decision was justified after he scored to wrap the win up. The perfect win to end the tension in our camp and hopefully to get the morale back, I wasn’t quite ready to face the press yet and I asked Vincent to do it for me. He had that aura about him and I was confident he could deal with these vultures. The next day me my two coaches and my assistant went into town to grab a coffee and go over the game once again. That was when I saw her again, yes the girl from the club. I was shell-shocked and it took a slap from Nestor to bring me back to reality, by the time I was focused once again, the elusive girl was gone. I was going to find out who she was and I didn’t care how much effort it would take me. At least I got some good news to cheer me up as I got an email from our Head Of Youth Development notifying me that a new batch of trialist were joining the club soon should I wish to asses them. At least I had something to look forward too!
  4. I tried to go over to where she was sitting but she suddenly got up and started walking to the exit, I couldn’t let this get away from me so I paced my way quickly towards the exit trying to catch her before she left but to no avail. I was almost heartbroken, did she leave because she was creeped out from me or was it simply a coincidence? I trudged off sadly feeling a mixture of emotions as I hailed a cab, I needed some rest and I almost dozed off in the taxi. Ferro vs Brown Adrogue: Brown Adrogue were one of those mid table sides who didn’t particularly seem threatening, so I was confident in a win this game. After studying some of their games the night before I discovered a gaping weakness, their left centre back Carro Torres was an absolute liability. He had already committed 3 mistakes leading to goals so far this season, therefore I asked the players to pass it to Forlan more and exploit the right flank where he was situated. The lads looked well up for it in the dressing room before the game and it looked like the team were finally bonding together, the team spirit was there and I was immensely happy with that. “Just go out there and play your normal game and i’m confident we can smash those **** bastards” trying to rile them up I shook hands with the opposition manager who looked more like a builder than a manager and his suit was 2 sizes too small for him. Well this was going to be easy. Brown Adrogue were having the lion’s share of possession at the start of the game but I wasn’t worried as we were looking very dangerous on the counter attack. Forlan was absolutely bullying Torres to and his link up play with Vernetti was beautiful so far. Then after a controlled attack from Brown Mena nicked the ball and passed it to Lucio, who played a long ball towards Lujan, he then chipped a pass towards Forlan who was left completely unmarked and he smashed it into the net on the half volley. I couldn’t believe how good he was, he was honestly levels above everyone else despite being 38. The rest of the game was pretty dull as we employed out Catenaccio style to close out Brown who looked toothless except for a few longshots which Losa gobbled up easily. Then they got a corner and Mesa scored with a bullet header, our woes from corners were biting us in the ass again. We tried desperately and failed to nick another goal but the game ended in a draw and stopped our unbeaten run. I shaked hands with their clown of a manger feeling embarrassed that I underestimated them. “Today should be a lesson for all of you, me included! Never underestimate anyone in this league, we don’t want to drop silly points again so I want you to be focused and playing to your maximum potential in every single ****ing game” The bus home was very quiet as everyone had something to think about and I was pleased with the players professionalism. That got me thinking, yes partying was very fun and yes I was young but was that hindering my ability as a manager. Maybe I should study the opposition more instead of getting drunk. I made a vow for myself, I would become a better manager from now on. The next day I was going through the tapes of Deportivo Morn and to be honest I was a bit scared. They were very good despite them being newly promoted, very possession oriented and they always tried to play beautiful football. I was caught in two minds while considering the tactic for the game, I thought we would get overloaded in midfield because they played with a 4 1 2 1 2 narrow formation. The tactic was working though so why would I change it, plus the players had already gotten used to it. Dep.Moron vs Ferro: The players looked buzzing for the game on our way to the bus and there was a lot of camaraderie involved. Once again, I was loving the spirit. The lads also looked focused too and one or two were even suffering with nerves. This was going to be a big game, I could feel it. “Lads we have got off to a cracker in the league and I’m very happy, some of you have been less than convincing though so this is a chance to prove yourself at the biggest stage” Maybe I was exaggerating a bit because the Estadio Nuevo Francisco wasn’t exactly the biggest stage but I had got the players fired up and that was all that mattered. The Moron fans were bouncing and there was a sea of white in the stadium. This was my best experience of pressure as a manager so far and I was coping well till now. The game started and it was apparent to me that I had made the wrong decision. We were getting smashed all over the park and the midfield half space was overloaded. The goal inevitably came after a beautiful passage of team play from Moron which Brito finished off with ease. I was panicking and I asked the players to stretch the pitch and ply wider, maybe that would help avert the danger from the central areas. That failed too as they continued their domination and they scored another one on the 17th minute work. We were getting ****ed! Quick action was needed. I quickly readied Sergio Sanchez and Moreira Aldana, a change of formation was needed. It was the 30th minute and I took of Vernetti and Lujan for the aforementioned two. I changed the formation to a 4 3 3 narrow and asked the players to go and attack and with a higher defensive line. It was a throw of the dice and hopefully it worked out. We immediately looked more assured, Moron’s manager was struggling to deal with the change and the 3 strikers were starting to bully their defenders. Moron still had more possession but we looked very dangerous with every single attack on the break. Maybe I was the new Pep Guardiola. Forlan eventually got his goal a minute before the halftime whistle, something that was almost a certain now. A beautiful half volley (again) from an astute angle which was unstoppable. The atmosphere in the dressing room at halftime was brilliant. That Forlan goal had saved our morale from dropping and the players were fired up again. I had a good feeling about this. “Just keep doing what you will doing and the win will eventually come” The players were out first on the pitch and they looked like stray dogs who hadn’t eaten in 2 years. They ****ing wanted this game. We had a few dangerous attacks but we couldn’t find a breakthrough, the players were starting to get nervous again. Then moron had a dangerous attack which was blocked valiantly by Lucio and Menaa picked up the ball who played it long towards Dang, he flicked it on towards Forlan who nonchalantly flicked over the keeper and we ****ing scored. The euphoria I was feeling was unparalleled, I had never felt something like this ever before. I loved being a football manager! “COME ON LADS LET’S PUSH FOR THIS WIN” We still had 30 minutes to go and the Moron heads had dropped. We could do this. We got a corner and Mazur strutted over to take it. He whipped a ball in and Moreira Aldana rose like a salmon and he banged it into the back of the net. “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS” I screamed as I slided on my knees towards my assistants, the Moron manager looked disgusted with his team, and with me. We held on nicely till the final whistle and we won this game, what a ****ing win. This undoubtedly was my favourite game as a manager and it showed me that I had a speck of tactical nous. I went into the dressing room to congratulate the players and I was absolutely buzzing. We were building something special here. The old me would’ve gone out and celebrated but the new me sat at home and read Jonathan Wilson’s Angels with dirty faces and then watched the Racing game. Yes I was a Racing supporter so I was dreading when we eventually played them. Juventad Unida vs Ferro: Nothing special happened in the build up to this game so we arrived at their unremarkable stadium hoping and longing for a win. The only moderately eventful thing that was happening was that Dario Valenzuela our shining youth prospect was getting his first start. I handed over the team talk to the assistant, in return I was going to do the press conference today, something which I had avoided so far. The The game kicked off and we looked good although without a lot of goal threat. Unida also looked very poor and it was a game lacking quality so far. Then a hopeful punt resulted in Mazur skewing the clearance and gifting them a corner which Calzera scored. Once again our woes from corners confounded. We struggled and ended the half without a single shot on target. This was by far and away our worst performance of the season and I was almost at the point of tearing my hair out. “Get a ****ing grip lads you have been playing like donkeys, Diego you are going off. Your performance has just not been up to standard. The second half started with more of the same and Colzera put the final nail in our coffin after a beautiful passing move where we made Juventud look like Barcelona. Garcia nicked a consolation goal after a scrap in the penalty box but I wasn’t even watching at that point. I didn’t even go into the dressing room as I had to go in and meet the press, maybe I had picked the wrong game. There were a grand total of 3 journalists there, a woman who had very thick glasses on with greasy hair and a fat belly. She looked like an octopus. Mark Duffy from Goal who was definitely a virgin the ginger **** and a quiet short Argentinean guy at the back who looked respectful. “So it’s your first loss of the season how does it feel to be on the losing side for the first time of your managerial career?” “Well you lose some and you win some, I will take this as a learning experience and it will hopefully improve me as a manager” “Is it true that you were out partying till 6am yesterday?” I just ****ing left the room, where the **** was he getting his information from. Whoever called the press vultures was correct. At least the octopus didn’t get to ask a question!
  5. Thank you for the advice lads really appreciate it.
  6. @CFuller @tenthreeleader @mark wilson27 @neilhoskins77 @Diego Imposta ?
  7. Hey lads, sorry this is not a story post but I wanted to take your opinion. Looking at the story I have not progressed enough and the posts have been sporadic at best. Wanted to ask if anyone cares about this story and wants me to continue it or if I should start a new one which will be more regular? Please give me your advice.
  8. Just caught up with this and brilliant work. Definitely trumping my puny contribution hahaha. I think I need to write more.
  9. We were at a nightclub of some sorts and the place was very dark. The music was throbbing and people were dancing everywhere, I think we were sitting at on of those posh VIP tables and I recognized Losa and there were 2 other guys I didn't know. They were sharing a champagne bottle, drinking from the bottle. I wondered if I had paid for that? What Losa was doing was even more peculiar as I saw him extracting a very small bag full of white material from his jacket. Was he actually taking drugs? was he aware that he was a professional footballer. I watched with awe as he put the contents on the table and neatly arranged them in a line. "Want some boss?" He said "You do realise I am your manager right, I need you fit" He just laughed and proceeded to take all of the cocaine in one massive sniff. His friends looked like they were drugged too, how crazy was this man? No wonder he had never played at the top level. I excused myself and got no reply so I just walked off, I was very tired so I just walked aimlessly until I found myself on the dance floor. "Something" by The Beatles was playing and it looked like it was a couples dance of some sort. Everyone had a partner and was waltzing away to the dulcet tones of The Beatles. I felt a bit depressed! That was until I saw her, yes her. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my useless life. Her hair was wavy and beautiful blonde in colour and the complexion of her face was smooth and riveting. Her eyes were hazel and I just got lost in them. What a body she had too, it was impossible to keep my eyes of her. She was wearing a sequined blue dress which was very tight and very short, showing off all of her assets. I wondered how she was sitting alone. Then her eyes met mine, it was truly love at first sight.
  10. I woke up in a strange place with legs strewn in my face. I had a throbbing headache and I could barely feeling body, where the **** was I! The smell was atrocious and the walls were pink, this definitely wasn’t my small flat. I pushed a pair of female (I think) legs away and I tried to slowly help myself up. I saw Forlan’s blonde locks next to a hot brunette girl and I wondered what he was doing here. I felt mildly amused, I had went from writing clickbait articles for The Guardian to partying with Diego Forlan in the space of a few months. There were bottles everywhere and I saw another girl on the ground wearing a tight dress that was showing a lot of cleavage, we must have gone clubbing. I wandered into the kitchen and started to make myself a pot of coffee, this hangover was killing me. What had I done, we had a game in 6 days and my best player was wasted. I should have been thinking about tactics and not shagging some random people. I slurped up my coffee quickly and left the house stealthily trying to protect what little integrity I had left. Keeping my embarrassment at a minimum. I had a few days of rest to try and get over my massive hangover and I somehow managed to get to the club 3 days before the game. After training me all the players and the coaching team gathered together in the shabby conference room, where at least I hoped would give a good motivational speech. “Lads, there is only one thing I have to say too you, we are expected to finish in the top half this season but I want you to do better. All I’m going to say is that we have Diego Forlan. Now go and get some rest, I need you to be ready for the game.” Echeverria looked disgusted and charged out of the room, his ego just couldn’t take all the players swooning around Diego. Good riddance, he was ****ing off to China soon anyways. Lucio came towards me and I was conscious of the fact he wanted to tell me something. “We have a good squad here don’t we” he said “Indeed we do” I replied basking in the glory of the moment, this was going to be a good season, I could feel it. Ferro vs Independiente Rivadavia The big day had come, my managerial debut. As soon as I saw this game in the fixture schedule I knew it was a must win. Independiente were one of the teams who were supposed to be challenging for promotion so this was game we had to win, I had to introduce myself to the world! Independiente were located in Mendoza so they would have a long trip till they reached the great Estadio Arquieto Ricardo Etcheverry. The players were getting ready in the dressing room and I asked one of the coaches to go give the team talk. I couldn’t do it, not with the nerves I was feeling. It didn’t help that I had just had a beer too, I felt like throwing up. I shook hands with the opposition manager and I couldn’t help but laugh at his appearance, his head looked like an egg. The look on his face cracked me up too, that show of disrespect must have fired him up and his players though because for the first ten minutes we could not get a touch. They were scurrying around like radioactive rabbits and our players looked slow and lethargic. I immediately started tearing my hair out as they had wave after wave of attacks. I didn’t want to get smashed in my first game as a manager. Our defence looked solid though and we held on till half time. The players fell silent as soon as I entered the room, they were expecting a bashing. I just kept it simple “You’re doing well out there lads keep it up” The players felt surprised and you could feel the enthusiasm bubbling in the room. I called Dang over, as he walked towards me I couldn’t help but admire his physique. He looked so out of place amongst all the Argentinean pot bellies. “I want you to do something special, I believe in your ability” I shouted “Yes boss I will try” he said in his broken Spanish We were first out on the pitch after half time and we all knew that meant we wanted it more. We looked like a team transformed and Independiente didn’t know what had hit them. After a period of prolonged pressure Vernetti skipped past 2 players out on the right a whipped a beautiful ball in towards Dang who pushed the defender away and powered a header into the back of the net. He then proceeded to break out into a complicated African dance on his own and he looked at me as if he was telling me he should start. Who was I to argue I was just busy hugging Pablo. The rest of the game was uneventful as we held on to the win against a listless Independiente attack who looked devoid of belief. I celebrated with a quick shot of vodka from the club bar before walking in with a swagger to the dressing room completely ignoring a journalist on my way. “What a ****ing great win that was! now go out and have fun cause I know I am” What an amazing feeling it was to win a game, that’s it it was like an addiction and I never wanted to let go. I walked back into the motel at 4 o’clock in the morning and there she was. Remember the old woman who owned the place, she was sitting on the front desk knitting. Yes knitting at 4 am! I tried to walk past quickly and avoid contact but she called me over. “Young man come here” looking at me with her aged eyes, she was creeping me out “Do you need anything?” I replied “I heard you were the manager of the club here” “Indeed I am” “Well I just wanted to give you some advice. This partying lifestyle you are leading will wear you down. Focus on your job, start a family get a woman but do not party every single night a different club. You have to be professional” I just walked by without reply not wanting to be disrespectful and to get kicked out but I was thinking who the **** did she think she was. Acting like I was her son. Anyways we were winning so **** being professional. Agropecuario Argentina vs Ferro Agropecuario were a team who were just promoted from the Federal A so I was expecting this to be an easy game. They were a bit of a plastic club to be honest, they were the e=Argentinean Manchester City but without success, founded in 2011 they struggled for fans. Which we would soon find out in a comical way. The players and I walked into their stadium which was very small and secluded, we were greeted by a rather large man wearing club coloured glasses. He looked absolutely ridiculous but I let it slide because he was probably their only fan. The dressing room was small and claustrophobic and I was already feeling uncomfortable. “As you can see lads they are a small **** club. I want you to smash them and I want you to express yourselves” We walked out to the roar of fans to my comical delight they were all Ferro fans. Yes you read that right Agrowhateverthe**** didn’t have a single fan except that **** with glasses and he was seated next to the manager. I could see Forlan looking at the stands with bemusement and I knew we were going to win easily, I wanted to ask for a beer but surely that was a step too far. As I expected they were horrific struggling to string two passes together as our players danced around them with ease. They got a few lucky breaks through with their big bald bastard of a striker particularly troubling our defensive partnership bullying Lucio and sneaking past Mena. He had a few chances with his head that Losa miraculously saved. This was harder than I thought. I was screaming at the players to concentrate and Vernetti got the ball out on the right wing skipping past the defender with a bag of tricks and then looking up. There was Diego Forlan dropping deep about 35 yards away from goal, Vernetti chipped a ball towards him and Forlan smashed it on the half volley. Top bins it went what an absolute ***********! How about that for your first goal for the club. The halftime whistle blew soon after that and I sent Pablo to the dressing room. My presence wasn’t needed. The second half started with us dominating the game and the opposition dropping deep, we started to pass the ball around like prime 09 Barca and the second goal came after a 15 pass move which Lujan finished off. Our players didn’t even bother with celebrating, it was far too easy. After another period of dominance Forlan played a beautiful ball through to the on loan Moreira Aldana who smashed into the roof of the net. The Agropecuario manager looked distraught and the players looked like they wanted to go home. We rounded off the game with a 4th goal which came from a lightning quick counter attack and the Referee blew the whistle without adding on any time wanting to limit the humiliation. The 2000 or so Ferro fans started singing Forlan’s name and we walked off the pitch in a buoyant mood. This was what football was all about. Ferro vs Sarmiento The next week was very uneventful and training was boring except for another Echeverria sulk and Forlan smashing in wonder goals every single day. It got to the point where I had to ask him to stop humiliating our defenders, I didn’t want their confidence to go. Our next visitors were a solid mid table side who had been around for awhile, they had a reputation for being hard to beat. I was 150 percent certain that they would be better than our previous opponents. I prepared for the game by texting my Mum, she was one of those overprotective Mums who wanted to know everything and she was terrified at the thought of me being in Argentina. I told her how good of a job I was doing and how I was enjoying it. She responded by asking me if I was drinking, oh I forgot to mention she was a devout Muslim too. I didn’t want to be stressed out before the game so I just didn’t reply, instead I walked in to give the team talk. “I know we’ve been on a good run lads but we are not Real Madrid. Don’t get complacent out there and do your best. There was a notable change to the teamsheet for this game with Sebby Navarro dropping to the bench after a string of less than convincing performances and the promising playmaker Torres coming on for him. The first 30 minutes were very tense with neither team attacking too much and both looking scared to go for the win. Until once again a moment of Vernetti magic down the right wing as he danced his way past 3 players and put the ball in towards Forlan who headed it in cleverly into the bottom corner. This partnership was one to watch out for. The half ended and the second half started with Sarmiento peppering our goal and Losa making a string of good saves to keep us in the lead. Until finally Elevenaux (I loved saying that name out loud) scored after a lucky deflection. That was the first goal we had conceded in the season so far and I was gutted. The rest of the game was very boring and it looked as if it was going to ebb out into a draw until Forlan picked up the ball played a one two with Dang and side footed the ball coolly into the back of the net. I ABSOLUTELY WENT MENTAL AND I RAN ON TO THE PITCH JOINING IN WITH THE CELEBRATIONS, WHAT A ****ING MOMENT! I loved Forlan I loved Forlan I loved Forlan. The game ended and I was too exhausted to give a press conference or a team talk instead I went straight home. The next day I received an email informing me that I had one Nacional B manager of the month for September. My first month in management and I had won the manager of the month award. I thought of how proud my Mum would be when she heard the news. I had gone into the month trying to limit the damages we suffered while gradually getting a feel for this managerial lark instead I had ended up with a 100 percent record and an award. I wanted to go out and celebrate although this time I wouldn’t invite Forlan, his blonde locks had gotten me into trouble last time out. It was the captains turn. I called Lucio “Hey man wanna go out and celebrate with me” “What do you mean celebrate” “I mean get wasted, I just won manager of the month!” “It’s a nothing award mate don’t get too pumped, I’ve won the champions league hahahahah. Anyways I have a family, my partying days are long gone” “Suit yourself you ****” I hung up the phone. What a buzzkill. Why was he making fun of the award, it was the most meaningful thing that had ever happened in my life. I guess I would have to call that weird old ****er Losa. He looked like a gangster so I was a bit scared, who knew what he was into. Anyways life was good, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. Transfers: Well I got my scouting done, the first thing I realised was that the squad lacked personality. There were no players with a real aura, no real big personalities that could rile the team up when we were on a losing run. So I went off and I spent days and days ringing up pricks who were called agents who wanted millions in commission fees and just when I was about to give up something special happened. Two players with a combined 217 international caps signed for the club. A Premier League and World Cup Golden ball winner and a Champions League and World Cup winner came to Ferro. Yes, you read that right. After an excruciating period of negotiations with the greedy bastards that are agents I managed to convince two international players to come to this ********. Diego Forlan of Manchester United, Atletico Madrid fame and Lucio of Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Brazil fame had signed for Ferro Carril Oeste. There was also another oldie who signed, not of the same stature of course but a boost to the squad nonetheless. He was going to be our first choice goalkeeper at the tender age of 40. Gaston Losa had signed for the club and apparently he was very good at penalties, I don’t think he will displace Forlan though. They just walked in with a real swagger when they first came to the club, all the players had gathered in admiration of them and had looks of glee on their faces. They looked like little children who were meeting their heroes as they were queuing up to greet the new players. Except for one man, Mariano Echeverria the captain was sitting at a corner sulking. It was almost like he knew he was going to be stripped of captaincy. I saw him walking quickly towards me, it was almost like he wanted to ruin this moment the son of a bitch. “Are you going to remove the captaincy from me?” he asked “Look I’m sorry but Lucio is a former Brazil national team captain and I can’t waste his leadership skills” “Well you can **** off then, I’m not a **** player am I” “Look sorry but you are not half the player Lucio is” “Oh so you think that then, I’m going to submit an official transfer request and I expect to be sold before the window ends” He walked off looking very angry and I had to stop myself from laughing, I wasn’t going to let this **** ruin this moment for me. I was also happy with the other signings which were mostly squad players and Cesar Mena who I expected to be a starter, the 28-year-old Colombian defender would be starting alongside Lucio in Central defence. Another very interesting signing was Aruna Dang, the 24-year-old Cameroonian target man came in as back up for Roberto Moreira Aldana, what interested me most was his nationality. How many African players were there in Argentina. My guess was 0, it was going to be interesting to see how this one panned out. I was going to try to help him bed in as I found it hard to believe that he would fit in with the squad. Pre season: Pre season was a mixed bag of results but I gained precious experience and I got my first taste of being a manager. Even though they were meaningless games I enjoyed the buzz of it all, that feeling that I was in control was something that I had never experienced before, and I didn’t want to relinquish it quickly. This was going to be a long-term project. There were a few interesting developments from the friendlies as tinkered around trying to find the perfect balance and the first thing I discovered was asking my team to go with a structured shape was not going to work as in the first friendlies we were under the cosh and struggled to score. We got absolutely smashed in our first two friendlies were we went with a structured shape and our team was very deep so after a discussion with my assistants I decided I was going to be a bit more lax and let the team play with a more flexible shape. The structured shape gave too much time to the opposition midfielders in the centre of the pitch and that hurt us especially against Independiente because of the quality of the players they possessed. After watching a few more games I asked the team to play a bit narrower so we could get Lujan (left if) involved more as he was getting very isolated out on the left flank, this worked as you can see from the graphs above the team was setting out in the shape I wanted it too. After hours of training the team was finally perfecting the transitions that I wanted them to do, 4 4 2 when defending and a flexible 4 3 1 2 when attacking. Something else I noticed when watching our games back was the fact that most of our goals came from crosses either from Vernetti the right winger or Mazur the left wing back who had bombed forward to overlap in behind Lujan. Therefore, I asked my team to put more crosses in, in order to maximise our goal scoring opportunities. Forlan and Lucio joined us for the last 3 friendlies and my word they gave us a boost, against the two **** teams the opposition were trying to get to our dressing room and get them to sign their shirts and after the game they were all begging them to swap shirts. Even against Fenerbahce the opposition were a bit wowed. They delivered on the pitch too scoring 5 goals between them. All in all I was very happy with pre season and I was happy that I had decided on my team, I couldn’t wait to get the season started. Before we could do that though I wanted to celebrate. One day after training I walked up to Forlan and asked him for a word. I wanted to go out and I figured he would be good to have with me seeing as he was a superstar, those sexy blond locks could draw a few chicks in too. “Hey mate, do you want to join me. I am going to a club, lets celebrate ending pre season” “Urrrm, I am 38 I don’t think that would be a good idea” “Come onnn don’t be a ****ing buzzkill” “ Ok then I guess” “Ill pick you up at 8, dress nice” I went back to my dingy flat, the chairman couldn’t afford to put me anywhere more expensive and I barely had two pennies to rub together. I went on my football manager save for a while to try to kill sometime and then I went in for a shower. I sprayed on some aftershave and put on my best clothes. I had done some research and apparently The Niceto Club was the best in Buenos Aires. I WAS READY FOR SOME ACTIOOOOONNNNN!!!!!
  12. We signed Diego Forlan. That's it that's the post, he certainly deserves one for himself. What a beautiful man! New blog post covering pre season and other signings out tommorow.
  13. I knocked on the chairman’s door and he immediately beckoned me in with his squeaky voice. I never thought I would be so relieved to see someone, I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. This was only in my first day for ****s sake, I needed to get my act together or else I wouldn’t be cut out for this managerial lark. “Sit down he said, you look very agitated. Do you want anything to drink?” “No I just wanted to talk to someone and you were the first person that came in mind” “What’s up, is something bothering you?” “Just the complete lack of respect I got from the players, Vernetti was already making fun of my inexperience. I’ve only been here for a day and its already started.” “Don’t worry I think I can do something to help you. Wait for my call tonight.” Well I did get the call and the contents of the call surprised me greatly. Apparently the chairman was great friends with Hector Cuper due to him spending most of his playing career with Ferro. Cuper would you believe it was the current manager of the Egyptian national team and had recently led them to the World Cup for the first time in 24 years, he was an idol in the country. The chairman had sorted a meeting for me with him because he was coming over to visit his family. Hopefully I could learn a few things from him but I hoped I wouldn’t inherit his curse. The next few days were very uneventful and before I knew it, it was time for me to meet Mr.Cuper. I put on my best suit and sprayed some aftershave on. I had to look good we were meeting in the trendiest café in town. The one where I was supposed to meet Messi, just thinking of that recalled bad memories. I removed these thoughts from my mind though the future was positive. At least that’s what I told myself. When I got there I immediately noticed Cuper, he was wearing a suit and the first thing that striked me about him was how thin he looked. He looked like a man that was on a salad diet, but who was I to say that. I was at least 3 stone overweight. We made our introductions and I ordered a quarter pounder, meanwhile he ordered a Caesar salad. I was right! “How are you” he said “Good, I really am honoured to meet you” “Please spare me the niceties, we are both managers. Just consider us two managers having a chat” That definitely took by surprise. He considered me an equal, that was a very welcome confidence boost. “I heard from Lautaro that you were having some problems” “Yes, it was my first day and already some of them were making fun of my lack of experience. I really didn’t know what to do so I went with the hard as nails approach. I asked my assistant to make them run a lot” “Well first of all I consider man management the most important aspect of football. You need to figure out how to treat every players. Some players like having their egos stroked while some love playing under pressure. Some will respond well to a bashing while some will just curl up and disappear. You need to learn how to get the mix right” “So I can gain the players respect” “Of course, you can over time. All you need is a bit of understanding in psychology and of course results will matter. The players will immediately respect you if you go on a good run” “That was really helpful thank you” “Do you know that I still watch all of Ferro’s games, Ferro is the club with the most special place in my heart. Maybe I can give you some advice” “I think your best player is easily Vernetti. I know you have already encountered problems with him, but I advise you to try and sort it out. He is a very good player for this level, decent physical attributes as well as technicals. He’s a team player too that’s why a lot of bigger clubs are interested in him. If I was you I would do my all to please him and keep him at the club.” “Another very good player you have is Lujan. He doesn’t have the workrate to mattch Vernetti but he has better technicals, the only shame is that he’s on loan. Very good dribbler and he really is a flair player. Keep your eye on him.” ”Last but not least in the list of players who I think are the best at Ferro is Brian Aquino. He isn’t the most naturally gifted player but he will certainly run his socks off for you. Utilize him well and he can be your Mr. Reliable” “Talk me over your tactics and maybe I can help with that too” After looking over the team and gauging the ability we have I was thinking of going with a structured counter attacking system. It is a weird variation of the 4 4 2. The idea is it’s a 4 4 2 when we are defending then it switches to a 4 3 1 2 when we are attacking. The left winger will cut inside to the am spot and left central midfielder will occupy the space which he has vacated. I would like the players to make a quick transition from defence to attack and to get the ball forward quickly. I would also like them to play with verticality and to get the ball into the box when presented with the opportunity. There are 3 particular players which I hope to give specific instructions” “As mentioned before I want the inside forward to change into an attacking midfielder when we have the ball so I will ask Lujan to sit narrower when we have the ball” “As for Perez I don’t want him to get forward a lot due to the presence of a natural winger ahead of him which is exactly the opposite of what I want from Mazur who is the left full back” “I will ask Aquino to get wide when we have the ball to once again aid with the transition from the 4 4 2 to the 4 3 1 2” “The best advice I would give you is to keep things simple. Players here are not exactly tactically astute or supremely gifted technically. Don’t overcomplicate things” “I wish you the best of luck” And with that he got up and left. That was more helpful than I imagined it would be. Now I couldn’t wait to scour the market for some new players. The squad definitely needed some depth.
  14. Thank you mate hahah. Argentinean football is my love.
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