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  1. For like 3 in game months i stick to Your suggestions and then i do all the changes i show in previous post. Do you post your Southampton tactic somewhere? Honestly i am reading only training and tactic forum.
  2. Thank for Your reply. I listen to your suggestions and setup my team as You said but games didn't look any better i mean there was some progress but not as i expected. Transitions was to slow, so against weaker sides we still do a hundreds crosses. I decided to change tempo to maximum, change width to narrow, remove overlaps and underlaps, move my wingbacks to wingers support and central midfielders to dmc position and changed carriliero to BWM. I added higher pressing to two strikers and amc. My tactic looks like that for now: DLF(s) AF AM(a) W(s) W(s) DLP(s) BWM(s) CD(d) BPD(c) CD(d) SK(s) Still got problems with player in AM slot because he very often got low rating. Maybe i can give him playmaker role? I was thinking about Tq or maybe enganche? But i never used them so i don't know is that a good idea.
  3. Hi all. First i want to apologise for my bad english. I need some advice. I am playing Inter 3412 formation. My team is struggling with creating chances, only crosses from wingbacks gives me goals but against weaker opponents we struggle. I want to play fast possesion game but dont know how to achive it. My dlp and am is playing very bad.
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